Thursday, April 30, 2009

"Hell's Kitchen" 4/30- SEMI-FINALS

As we speak right now, my brother Andrew is happy that Ben got cut last week, and my mother Laura is hoping that Andrea doesn't go on to win the whole thing.

Challenge: The remaining three chefs must each serve a dish to 100 of L.A.'s finest restaurant owners and chefs; they have 90 minutes to cook it. The group of 100 will secretly cast their vote for the best dish. The winner will get some pampering plus the right to appear on "Good Day LA", while the other two will have to clean, reset and iron all of the dining room linens and then get to watch the winner's "Good Day LA" appearance on TV.

Andrea's dish is a chicken dish with some basil and garlic. Paula made an olive oil-perched Sturgeon with some potatoes and a salad. And Danny made a blackened halibut with ginger mint and lots of other stuff. The winner, with an approval rating of about 76% is...

...Paula! The worst dish according to about 76% of the vote was Danny's.

DINNER SERVICE: During this one, each chef will take turns running the kitchen counter and taking a quality control test (as you know, this is the test where chefs must quickly ID the intentional mistake with a certain food). The order:

1. Paula
2. Danny
3. Andrea

Paula does well running the counter, but she has a shaky start with the quality control test. At the beginning of Danny's counter work, he initially misreads a table's order, lowering the morale in the kitchen a bit. He later messes with some raw scallops, and I don't think he did well at all with his quality control test. Finally, Andrea runs the counter well but she bombs her quality control test. She later gives Sous Chef Scott a hard time for not cooking stuff correctly.

Overall, this was the best Dinner Service of the season.

FINAL ELIMINATION: Each of the three remaining contestants picked which one of them should not go to the finals and why. Andrea wanted Danny gone because he was too nervous and wasn't loud enough. Danny felt Andrea shouldn't make it because he thinks he did more to go all the way than she did. And Paula voted to eliminate Andrea because of her previous struggles over the course of the season. In the end, Chef Ramsay decides to send...


...Danny Veltri & Paula Dasilva to the finals, meaning my mom is going to be happy! Andrea Heinly showed a lot of aggressiveness for a majority of this episode, but it just wasn't enough for her to become a finalist. But we will see her back next week, as well as a bunch of other eliminated contestants, for the first part of the finals. Hope to see you then!
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