Friday, April 24, 2009

"Make Me a Supermodel" 4/22

PHOTO SHOOT #7: Capture the spirit of 1960s partying. The photographer here was Roxanne Lowit. The remaining 10 contestants were divided into five teams of two.


1. Jordan & Jonathan- Good job by both.

2. Mountaha & Salome- Ditto for these two.

3. Branden & Sandhurst- Neither one did that good.

4. Colin & Kerryn- They weren't good either, because they were uncomfortable.

5. Amanda & Laury- Pretty good.

The sole winner was...

...Salome Steinmann- that was her second Photo Shoot win of the season! Her Go-See partner selection was her Photo Shoot partner this week, Mountaha.

GO-SEE #7: Elie Tahari

Salome & Mountaha met Rory Tahari, the creative director and vice president there, and Kobi, their VP of design.

CATWALK #7: This time, after creating a piece of original couture with materials from the House of Diehl within a four minute time limit, each of this week's Photo Shoot pairings now had to battle each other on the Catwalk, even though they would be walking together. The order:

1. Mountaha vs. Salome
2. Branden vs. Sandhurst
3. Amanda vs. Laury
4. Colin vs. Kerryn
5. Jordan vs. Jonathan

There were two guest judges this week. Sitting in for Perou this week was stylist Rebecca Weinberg, and Catherine Malandrino returned as a guest judge this week. The overall winner this week was...

...Salome! That's the first time this season somebody's won both the Photo Shoot and immunity in the same week! The bottom two teams this week were...

...Colin & Kerryn and Amanda & Laury. This was the third time this season Colin was in danger and the second time for both Amanda & Laury, but Kerryn was never in this position until now. I can tell you right now one model from each duo was eliminated. And their names were...

...Kerryn Johns & Laury Prudent.
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