Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"The Phone" 4/28

THIS WEEK'S MATCHUP: Kristi Fukuhara (a music content specialist) & Jason Hoehne (a cheerleading coach) vs. Cassie Torres & Joey Malloque (both students)

Like last week's premiere, this took place in Seattle. This week's contestants had to uncover the conspiracy that an environmental group was trying to reveal against a powerful chemical company.

Task #1: Assemble a banner and follow the information on it. Only the first team that was successful got $5,000 put in their bank.

The banner said the following: "A massive fraud is being committed by the citizens of Seattle. Find out what it is tonight. We are all round; you follow our words and you will know where to go."

Cassie & Joey completed this task first to get on the board.

ELIMINATION TASK: After both teams got in fighter planes, they had to decipher the weird language of the conversation the CEO of the chemical company was having inside his limosuine. The first team that gave the correct location of the chemical company's headquarters earned $10,000 and stayed in the game. Each team was allowed three guesses.

1. Kristi & Jason: Bridle Trails State Park- NO
2. Cassie & Joey: Washington Park Arboretum- NO
3. Kristi & Jason: Overlake Hospital- NO
4. Cassie & Joey: University of Washington- CORRECT

Cassie & Joey tripled up while Kristi & Jason were sent home.

Task #3: They now had to ID the location of an environmental rally within 15 minutes to double their pot to 30 grand.
RESULT: PASS ($30,000)

Final Task: Using the coordinates they IDed during their most recent task, Cassie & Joey now went into a helicopter to fly to Qwest Field. One team member now had to unwrap an ozone message banner that was hanging in the rafters, nearly 300 feet above the ground, within 15 minutes. If Joey chose to do it and was successful, their final pot would be $40K. But if Cassie attempted it and succeeded, they would max out their bank at $50K.

After 30 seconds, Joey decided to let Cassie try it...and she managed to reveal the banner that said "Cordon Chemical Co. is contaminating the Seattle water supply" with six seconds to spare to set the night's final bank at the top prize of $50,000! The CEO of the chemical company was then arrested.

THE QUIZ (which took place on the football field itself):

1. How many activists were being chased when you received your very first phone call- 2, 3 or 4?

Both said 3...correct.

2. What were the GPS coordinates you gave to the helicopter pilot?

A: 37 35'42.85 N
B: 47 35'42.55 N
C: 122 35'42.55 N

They agreed on 47 35'42.55 N...right again.

3. What were the names of the contestants on the opposing team?

A: Kristin & Chuck
B: Kristi & Jason
C: Katie & Jake

Only one said Kristi & Jason (the other said Katie & Jake)...

...and that was Cassie Torres! Her final decision with the 50 grand was...

 keep it all, making her the show's first $50K winner!
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