Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Real World/Road Rules Challenge" 4/15

We have some unfinished business to start this week's episode. Shauvon faces Aneesa in the season's first Female Face-Off. Remember, the game they're playing is "Back Off".

Striking first blood is Aneesa...

...and she scores the 2-0 sweep! She wins the personal radio player and sends Shauvon packing.

CHALLENGE #2 ("Freezing As Puck"): While in an ice rink, there are 12 blocks of ice in its center. Everybody had to use those ice cubs as hockey pucks and shoot them at targets to score 5, 10, 25, 50, or even 100 points. Touching the ice at any time or missing the targets completely result in no points. The men had to wear speedos while the women had to wear bikinis. The evenutal male and female winners win a T-Mobile G1 with one year's worth of free service.

In the first stage, six mixed duos face the other six mixed duos:

Team 1: Brad & Tori, MJ & Robin, Mark & Rachel, Eric & Aneesa, Landon & Brittini and Evan & Paula
Team 2: Isaac & Katie, Ryan & Jenn, Nehemiah & Brooke, Davis & Ruthie, Derek & Kimberly and Dunbar & Diem

Team 2 starts first for each round of this stage. The team that scores more points moves on to the second stage.

Team 1:
Evan & Paula: 5
Eric & Aneesa: 5
MJ & Robin: NO
Mark & Rachel: 5
London & Brittini: DQ
Brad & Tori: 5

Team 2:
Davis & Ruthie: 5
Dunbar & Diem: DQ
Ryan & Jenn: DQ
Isaac & Katie: 5
Nehemiah & Brooke: DQ
Derek & Kimberly: 5

In Stage 2, three duos from the winning team faces the other three duos. The winning three duos then face off in the final round for immunity and the T-Mobile devices.

Mark & Rachel, Brad & Tori and Landon & Brittini vs. Evan & Paula, Eric & Aneesa and MJ & Robin

Mark & Rachel: 5
Landon & Brittini: 5
Brad & Tori: 5

Evan & Paula: DQ
MJ & Robin: 5
Eric & Aneesa: 5


Mark & Rachel manage to get do Landon & Brittini...

...while Brad & Tori only get 5, so they're eliminated from this challenge.

SUDDEN DEATH: Here, the duo whose ice block push went the furthest (points don't matter now) wins. The winners are...

...Mark & Rachel!


1. Aneesa
2. Landon
3. Brittini
4. Brad
5. Tori
6. Evan
7. Paula
8. Dunbar (some didn't like that decision)
9. Diem
10. Ryan
11. Jenn
12. Nehemiah
13. Brooke
14. Davis
15. Kimberly
16. Derek
17. Katie
18. Eric
19. Ruthie

MJ & Robin definitely will be doing to The Duel next. Let's see the next matchups:

Men: MJ vs. Ryan
Women: Robin vs. Kimberly

This is Ryan's second trip in a row to The Duel. The game choices:

Men: Push Over
Women: Duel Pole Dancing

FEMALE DUEL #2: In "Duel Pole Dancing", both ladies are placed on opposite sides of a pole and they must climb all the way up to the top of it using its footholes. The first one to do so and then ring the bell stays in the game and wins some Dr. Dre headphones.

It turns out to be a struggle for both, but we do have a winner...

...and it's Kimberly!

MALE DUEL #2: "Push Over" has both men on opposite sites of a platform. The objective is to push your opponent off the platform; doing so earns a point. Two points wins the headphones and the right to come back next week.

The first point goes to MJ...

...ditto for the second point, so Ryan's eliminated this time.
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