Friday, April 24, 2009

"Survivor: Tocantins" 4/23

Last week, Brendan Synnott squandered his Immunity Idol, as he didn't use it and got voted out, making him the season's first jury member. I hope the same fate didn't happen to Taj.

Reward Challenge #5: Two teams of four competed. Two members at a time, both teams ran out to collect four puzzle boards. After that, they had to flip and rotate them until a series of seven vowels could be seen through all the holes (two A's, two E's, two O's and a U). Using the given consonants on their puzzle boards, the teams then had to come up with the correct phrase of YOU'VE WON A FEAST. The first team that completed all of this indeed got to have a feast in addition to seeing a performance by a martial arts dance/music group.

Here were the teams:

Red: JT, Erinn, Debbie & Tyson
Black: Coach, Stephen, Sierra & Todd

Scoring a quick victory was...

...the Red Team! They sent Stephen to Exile Island for the second time in a row.

Stephen was hoping to find at least one clue for a new Hidden Immunity Idol while at Exile Island, but that was not the case.

INDIVIDUAL IMMUNITY CHALLENGE #3: They played shuffleboard. Each contestant had three pucks to try and get as close as they could to an X; the one who was closer won immunity. Contestants were also given the opportunity to skip this challenge in order to eat some pizza.

Stephen, JT and Coach decided to eat the pizza. Here was the challenge order:


1. Sierra
2. Debbie
3. Taj
4. Erinn
5. Tyson


1. Debbie
2. Taj
3. Erinn
4. Tyson
5. Sierra

Thanks to Sierra's second shot, Tyson had the lead at this point.


1. Taj
2. Erinn
3. Tyson
4. Sierra
5. Debbie

Tyson was hoping for his third straight immunity victory...

...NOPE. Debbie won immunity on the game's final shot.

TRIBAL COUNCIL #7: Taj opted not to use her Immunity Idol, because she got no votes last week. This week...

...she again got no votes, so that was a wise move. This vote came down to Sierra & Tyson. Did Tyson Apostol's Individual Immunity Challenge loss this week cost him dearly?...


...YES. That made him the second member of the jury.
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