Monday, April 20, 2009

This Week in Game Shows: April 20-26

On the docket this week:

Jeopardy!: Can Kevin Joyce continue his run and become the season's biggest regular-play winner up to this point?

Cash Cab: The Emmy-award winning cable game show is scheduled to return to new episodes this week, with one episode featuring members of "Deadliest Catch" playing for charity! Also, don't forget about the new "Double Ride" feature.

American Idol: Every performance this week on Disco Week is more important than ever before- with this being the season's other DOUBLE ELIMINATION WEEK, this season's final five will be determined this week.

Dancing with the Stars: This week, the teams will be performing twice, with one of the dances being a 1960s group routine.

Also, the final three teams are determined on "Bullrun", new episodes resume on "Deal or No Deal" and more!
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