Thursday, April 30, 2009

"The Ultimate Fighter" 4/29

PRELIMINARY LIGHTWEIGHT FIGHT #1: Andre Winner vs. Santino Defranco
Referee: Steve Mazzagatti

Round 1: Nearly three minutes into the round, Winner got Defranco down. Almost immediately, though, Defranco tried several times for a ground submission...but Winner escaped and then became one by TKO at 3:49, making it 2-0 so far for Team UK!

After that, Team USA ran up and down the steps outside for some exercise. Soon after, however, they started to get a bit homesick. Meanwhile, Team UK played some outdoor games.

PRELIMINARY WELTERWEIGHT FIGHT #2: Dean Amasinger vs. Damarques Johnson
Referee: Josh Rosenthal

Johnson got Team USA on the board with a triangle choke win at 1:40! And Team UK coach Michael Bisping wasn't there for this fight- maybe they were too confident at that point.
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