Thursday, April 09, 2009

"The Ultimate Fighter" 4/8

Last week, we determined which eight UK fighters would be on the show this season. This week, we find out which of American fighters will compete.

Early on, welterweight Jason Pierce fainted.

A little later, Dana White saw lightweight John Davd-Shackelford having a herpes lesion on his forehead, resulting in him being forced to withdraw.

Then, welterweight Christian Fulgium got on an exercise bike outside the facility because he was having trouble making weight. Eventually, he had to withdraw as well.

QUALIFYING FIGHT #1 (Welterweights): Mark Miller (brown camouflage) vs. Kevin Knabjian (black/white)
Referee: Steve Mazzagatti

Round 1: Miller got off to a good start with several good shots on Knabjian. As it turned out, he dominated this round, so I scored this 10-9 in his favor.

Round 2: Knabjian scored the fight's first knockdown. He then went for a heel hook but couldn't make Miller tap out. Shortly thereafter, Miller started to get his groove back and scored a TKO win after the second minute of this round.

QUALIFYING FIGHT #2 (Lightweights): Richie Whitson (brown) vs. Paul Bird (black/white)
Referee: Josh Rosenthal

Round 1: Bird took down Whitson 17 seconds into this round but he missed when he was going for a rear-naked choke. He tried again, but Whitson was standing up, so it didn't work. Then, Whitson started to get going with a few shots and a takedown. Already, I saw Bird having a bad right eye. Whitson tried to TKO Bird with about two minutes left but that didn't happen. Whitson then went for a rear-naked choke...and he won at 3:11!

QUALIFYING FIGHT #3 (Lightweights): Waylon Lowe (black/white) vs. Santino Defranco (brown; he was previously on Season 2 but was forced to withdraw because of a brain problem)
Referee: Steve Mazzagatti

Round 1: Lowe scored an early takedown, but Defranco was trying for a triangle choke, which didn't happen. Lowe was later closing in on a TKO, which he couldn't get in time. 10-8 Lowe.

Round 2: Early on, Defranco applied a rear-naked choke...and he won in 45 seconds!!

Other Fight Results:
Jason Pierce d. Ryan Berger by unanimous two-round decision
Cameron Dollar d. Tom Hayden by rear-naked choke
Damarques Johnson d. Ray Elbe by TKO

The preliminary US fights will continue next time.
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