Sunday, May 10, 2009

"The Amazing Race XIV"- FINALE

Will Tammy & Victor Jih score a million-dollar winning fifth stage victory? Or will the deaf couple of Margie & Luke Adams pull off an inspiring million-dollar victory? Or will the team of Jaime Edmondson & Cara Rosenthal become the show's first all-female million dollar winners? Let's all find out right now.

OPENING CLUE: Teams must fly over 5,000 miles to Maui and get to Shoreline Access 118. Once there, they must season up one of the 145-pound pigs laying on the ground with island flavoring before carrying it to a luau. After they properly cover up their pig for cooking, they will get their second clue.

All teams have their pig struggles, but Margie & Luke take the lead after that. Tammy & Victor are second and the ladies are third.

CLUE #2: Teams must run to the beach at McGregor Point and pick one of three watercrafts to take a one-mile ride to a field of 100 buoys. Attached to some of the buoys is the third clue.

CLUE #3: Teams now travel to a surfboard fence, where the next clue can be found.

Margie & Luke still lead, with Jaime & Cara now in second.

FINAL ROADBLOCK OF THE SEASON: One member of each team must search through over 300 vintage surfboards to find the 11 surfboards with images from the prior 11 stages of this season. They must then form a surfboard fence by putting the correct surfboards in chronological order. Once successful, they will get their next clue.

The ones doing this Roadblock are Luke, Tammy and Jaime. Here's the correct order:

1. Church of San Antonio
2. Ruhpolding gondola
3. Romanian gymnastics
4. Krasnoyarsk Dam
5. Novosibirisk Lada
6. The Pit Stop at Jaipur
7. Phuket Zoo
8. Bangkok boats
9. Guilin Cormorant
10. Beijing foot massage
11. Beijing delicacies

Jaime & Cara have run into bad luck with their taxi, as it has gotten lost; hence, they're back in last place. Luke's perfect in this Roadblock...until the last two surfboards. There's no excuse for not fully remembering the last two stages. Tammy decides to take off his pants in the middle of this because they're making her uncomfortable. After a team finishes, they must go to the King Kamehameha Golf Club, where the finish mat awaits. I will tell you right now whoever finished this first has won the $1 Million. And their names are...


Jaime & Cara are the runners-up, leaving Margie & Luke in third.
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