Sunday, May 03, 2009

"Celebrity Apprentice" 5/3

Despite what happened with Melissa on last week's episode, Joan Rivers will continue on in the competition.

THIS WEEK'S TASK: Write a new jingle and create a 30-second radio ad for Chicken of the Sea, a canned tuna company. Parts of the original jingle must be included.

Athena: Annie Duke
Kotu: Clint Black

Early on, Duke & Brande Roderick talked out the rough draft of their song lyrics. And Roderick's singing was so out of tune. Joan & Black did the early lyric work and practicing for Kotu; Black was playing his guitar during that time. Later on, Kotu brought in a band to help them out with the music for their radio ad.

Serving as the eyes and ears for Athena is Donald Trump, Jr., while having those duties for Kotu this week is Ivanka.

Both teams perform their final tunes in front of two Chicken of the Sea executives. Athena's song was performed by an outside female vocalist, while Black performed Kotu's jingle amongst a group of other outside country music vocalists. Athena's ad also included a conversation by Roderick and an outside voiceover artist. Kotu's radio ad also had a Did You Know segment that had voiceovers by Joan and Jesse James.

After both ads get played inside the Boardroom, the winners are...

...Athena! That means Annie Duke just won another $20,000 for her charity.

BOARDROOM: The country flavor of his team's jingle apparently did Kotu in. Joan admitted she couldn't find a way to make their ad as funny as Athena's. In the end, Black is finally fired by Mr. Trump.

The remaining four stars are then interviewed by last season's big winner, "America's Got Talent" head judge Piers Morgan. Morgan will then recommend to Mr. Trump who should be in the final two.

1. Brande Roderick: Roderick said to Morgan that she was bright in the challenges and was usually the star of them, no matter which team she was on. She thought that being nice wouldn't win her this season's title. In conclusion, Roderick said she would defend herself and do whatever it takes to win.

2. Joan Rivers: Morgan started by saying he was a big fan of Joan's for a long time. Joan then shot down those rumors of her teammates saying that she was a quitter. She also said that her family came first (which was espescially evident last week after Melissa got fired). Finally, when Morgan asked her about a potential Joan-Annie final, Joan said she would kill to win.

3. Annie Duke: Duke started by saying that she has played this game as well as she could, and she has been willing to talk to anybody in order to earn more money for her charity. When Morgan asked her if she was smarter than Joan Rivers, Duke said yes because she came up with an example where if she raised the most money for her team on a certain task, she couldn't get fired. Additionally, she said others don't fully understand how to be as good of a game player as she is.

4. Jesse James: Morgan started off by saying he couldn't work James out. When asked why he wanted to be on this show, James said he wanted to prove that regular, working-class people could achieve the same things as those people in suits. James also said that he was on the show just to get jobs done more than raising money for his charity. Finally, James said he didn't want to beat his wife for fundraising money.

Morgan liked Duke the best out of those four. He thought Roderick wasn't smart enough to be a finalist, Joan's description of wanting to kill to win against Duke in the finals was over the top, and James hasn't really brought in a dime for his charity all season long.

In the end, this season's two finalists are...


(Of the final four, Brande Roderick was fired first; Jesse James was fired second.)
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