Friday, May 08, 2009

"Make Me a Supermodel" 4/29

With the double elimination on the last episode, only eight contestants were left.

PHOTO SHOOT #8: Everybody had to pose with a farm animal on a farm in order to convey a rugged image that the public would embrace. The photographer was Aliya Maumoff.

1. Sandhurst (2-day-old baby calf)- Good job.

2. Branden (bull)- I thought he was terrible because he wasn't making too much eye contact with the camera.

3. Mountaha (baby calf)- Average.

4. Salome (bull)- Nice job.

5. Colin (bull)- Average.

6. Jonathan (holding on to a pair of horses)- Very good!

7. Jordan (on a horse)- She was OK, but she personally didn't like this week's Photo Shoot.

8. Amanda (on a horse as well)- She tried too hard in the sex department.

Getting the magic phone call from Cory Bautista was...

...Sandhurst Tacama Miggins! He then chose Branden Rickman to join him on the eighth Go-See.

GO-SEE #8: Buffalo Jeans

They met account executive Edgar Irizarry and another representative, Tana Micic, while trying on their jeans and getting advice.

CATWALK #8: Walk like they were in the rugged outdoors with elegance.

This week's guest judge was supermodel Maggie Rizer for the second time this season. Also, sitting in for Perou this episode was hairdresser/casting director Harry Josh.

The order:

1. Amanda (who is not a fan of Rizer at the judges' table)
2. Colin
3. Mountaha
4. Branden
5. Salome
6. Jonathan
7. Jordan
8. Sandhurst

The top two were Sandhurst and Jonathan. Did Sandhurst just repeat Salome Steinmann's feat of winning both the Photo Shoot and the overall week's title in the same episode?...

, so Jonathan Waud won immunity this time!

In the bottom two were Colin Steers & Amanda Crop. This was Colin's fourth trip to the danger zone and Amanda's third. Something had to give...


...Charlottesville, VA native Colin Steers' luck finally ran out. But we hope to see him back soon.
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