Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Make Me a Supermodel" 5/27- SEMI-FINALS

PHOTO SHOOT #12: Capture an engaging shot with fire in the background. Unlike prior photo shoots, each contestant here only got ONE chance to take a photo. The photographer was Clay Patrick McBride (obviously not related to yours truly):

1. Jonathan: Very good!

2. Branden: Excellent!

3. Mountaha: Pretty good.

4. Sandhurst: Another good job.

Everybody did well here, but only could win...

...and it was Sandhurst! For this next Go-See, everybody went.

GO-SEE #12: Bloomingdale's

When they went inside, they met Stephanie Solomon, the VP/fashion director of the place. They did informal modeling there. Afterwards, they all received Bloomingdale's shopping sprees.

CATWALK #12: The final four had to convey smooth elegance.

Helping out Mountaha was judge Catherine Malandrino while the men were all helped out by David Ralph of New York Model Management.


1. Sandhurst
2. Branden
3. Mountaha (with a brown wig on)
4. Jonathan

The winner this week, and definitely moving on to the finals next week, was...

...Sandhurst Tacama Miggins! The second one to advance was...

...Jonathan Waud! And the last finalist was...


...Branden Rickman, meaning Mountaha Ayoub finished in fourth place and we will have a male champion on the show this season.
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