Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"The Phone" 5/12

THIS WEEK'S MATCHUP: Samantha White (a Biochemistry student) & Tanya Firicano (a reservation agent) vs. Mitch Gladstone (a personal trainer) & Rameika Boyd (a sales representative)

Like Episode #3, this episode took place in Boston. A hyrdrosonic plane was being developed by NASA, with a forged painting being inside. The objective was to retrieve the painting before it left America.

Opening Task: Starting at the Boston Public Library, hidden somewhere inside the Encyclopedia of World Culture (located in Section #4 of the library) was the name of a musical composition. After finding out what it was, they had to find a female Russian turncoat located in the Boston Public Gardens and and tell it to her. The first team to do all of this within ten minutes got their first $5,000 for their bank.

In the end...Mitch & Rameika completed the task first, so they were on the board.

ELIMINATION TASK: While at the Embassy of the Russian Federation, they had to retrieve an important Scram jet component from the basement. When they got to the basement, they had to make their way through a field of lasers. Samantha & Rameika could use some glasses to protect their eyes while their partners guided them through the lasers, but they wouldn't be able to see where the lasers where if they were wearing the glasses. Any team that touched three lasers (or lost this task) would be subject to a mauling from the embassy's guard dogs (about as ferocious as my dog Ginger's typical at-home behavior) while an alarm went off.

The first team that got the component had $10,000 deposited in their bank...

...with only one laser trip, Mitch & Rameika! Samantha & Tanya touched two lasers en route to their elimination.

Task #3: While inside an artist's commune, one team member had to pose nude to distract the artists on the first floor while the other had to go to a secret room on the third floor behind a bookcase and decipher the clue (s) in order to find the whereabouts of the jet's plans. If Rameika chose to pose nude and the team was successful in completing this task within five minutes, $5,000 would be earned for the bank. However, if they were successful while Mitch posed nude, $15,000 was added to the bank.

With very little hesitation, Rameika decided to let Mitch pose nude. As it turned out...

...they couldn't get anything going, so their maximum potential winnings were reduced to $35,000.

Final Task: Inisde Old South Church were five identical paintings, behind one of which were the jet plans. Using the forged painting they had for reference, they had to pick the one that was the most identical to the forged one. If their choice was correct within three minutes, they would be playing for $35,000 in the final quiz.

They chose #3...

THE QUIZ (taken inside the church):

1. What was the name of the book where you found the sheet music?

A: Encyclopedia of World Culture
B: History of Russia
C: Folk Songs of Mother Russia

Only Mitch chose the right answer of the Encyclopedia of World Culture; Rameika instead said the History of Russia.

2. What was the name of your Russian contact on the bridge?

A: Natalia
B: Natasha
C: Nadya

Both guessed Natasha, which was correct.

3. The stolen blueprints were for what kind of aircraft?

A: Scrim jet
B: Stealth jet
C: Scram jet

Mitch said the Scram while Rameika picked the Scrim...Scram jet was right to give Mitch the game! And his jackpot decision was...

...after a long conversation, to split it.
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