Friday, May 08, 2009

"Survivor: Tocantins" 5/7

SURVIVOR AUCTION: As usual, the remaining six contestants got $500 to spend on special things. No food items could be shared.

1. Big bowl of French Fries w/ some sauces
SOLD TO: Debbie ($120; $380 left)

2. Chicken Parmesan w/ garlic bread and a glass of red wine
SOLD TO: Coach ($320; $180 left)

3. Covered item #1
SOLD TO: JT ($160; $340 left)
IDENTITY: Nachos w/ guacamole and salsa

4. Covered item #2
SOLD TO: Stephen ($100; $400 left)
IDENTITY: Chicken hearts

FINAL ITEM: Samsung Instinct w/ messages from a contestant's loved ones
SOLD TO: Taj ($20; the other five contestants gave her their money)

Taj got to take her husband, which turned out to be NFL star Eddie George, to Exile Island while the others got to see their loved ones back at camp!

INDIVIDUAL IMMUNITY CHALLENGE #5: Each one had to first go through these three obstacles- digging under a log, walking across a balance beam and go under a rope crawl. After that, they would run to a field with ten spinning math symbols; they had to memorize the exact order of those symbols. After putting in the symbols in the right order on a math equation board, they then had to solve the given equation. The first one to do so won immunity. For the record, here were the right answers:

SIGN ORDER: +, /, X, /, -, +, +, /, -, X
CORRECT EQUATION: 6 + 2 / 4 X 3 / 3 - 7 + 6 + 5 / 3 - 1 X 1 = 1

The winner was...

...Stephen Fishbach!

TRIBAL COUNCIL #9: No Immunity Idol was used...

...and Debbie Beebe got demoted to the jury by a 4-1-1 vote. The other votes went to Coach Wade and Taj Johnson-George.
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