Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Week in Review: May 25-31; April & May Player of the Month Announcements

Players of the Week:
WINNER: Justin Bernbach (current seven-time champion with $155,001)("Jeopardy!")
RUNNER-UP: Tom Sabbatelli ($54,900)("Wheel of Fortune")
3RD PLACE: Ashlee Powell ($51,657)("The Price is Right")

Other Big Winners and Notables:
The three Season 2 "Make Me a Supermodel" finalists
Gary "Baba Booey" Dell'Abate- $200,000 for charity ("Don't Forget the Lyrics!")
Christina Tostado & Claudia Garcia- Split $50,000 ("The Phone")
Tim Spratt- $50,000 ("Wipeout")
Madeline Ali- $50,000 ("Million Dollar Password")
Richard Baker- $41,372 ("Wheel of Fortune")

ZONK ANSWERS OF THE WEEK: During Thursday's episode of "Wheel of Fortune", prior to solving the puzzle HIKING AMONG EXOTIC PLANTS AND ANIMALS for $8,250 in cash and trip to Costa Rica, contestant Christian Correja missolved twice during the same round because of not watching the board properly. His two incorrect responses were LIVING AMONG EXOTIC PLANTS AND ANIMALS, then RIDING AMONG EXOTIC PLANTS AND ANIMALS. He did make it to the bonus round with $24,600 but wound up missing out on $45,000 there.

APRIL 2009 PLAYER OF THE MONTH: Tom Dwan (his great work included the record $919,600 pot he won over Barry Greenstein)("High Stakes Poker")
RUNNER-UP: Liz Murphy ($123,302 as five-day champ)("Jeopardy!")
3RD PLACE: Kevin Joyce ($113,299 as three-day champ)("Jeopardy!")

MAY 2009 PLAYER OF THE MONTH: Justin Bernbach ("Jeopardy!")
RUNNER-UP: Helen Phillips (won "The Biggest Loser: Couples II" with record percentage)
3RD PLACE: Tammy & Victor Jih ("The Amazing Race XIV" champions)
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