Sunday, June 21, 2009

"The Next Food Network Star" 6/21

Mini Challenge #2: At a market called Stew Leonard's, they run into Tyler Florence. He tells them they have a $60 budget to buy stuff for a budget dinner party that will be served to 12 people later on. Additionally, each contestant must record a 30-second tip on how to stretch one's food dollar. The winner of this challenge gets an advantage in the Main Challenge.

Michael, Jamika & Teddy do the worst on their tip recording sessions. But the one who did the best, and earning an advantage in the next challenge, is...


MAIN CHALLENGE #3: At East Hampton, the home of Ina Garten, the contestants must now make dinner using the food they just bought. They are divided into four teams of two and must each make an appetizer, an entree and a dessert. Each team must collaborate on one of the dishes. They all have an hour to cook and two minutes apiece to present.

Since Jeffrey won tonight's Mini Challenge, he gets to voluntarily pick his partner for this challenge...and it turns out to be Michael. The other teams:

Teddy & Debbie
Melissa & Eddie
Jamika & Katie

Two teams cook in the kitchen at a time.

Teddy & Debbie:
Appetizer (Debbie): Vegetable linguini w/ Asian marinara
Entree (Collaboration): Pan Asian meatloaf
Dessert (Teddy): Strawberry shortcake trifle

Melissa & Eddie:
Appetizer (Eddie): Sweet onion & watermelon feta salad
Entree (Melissa): Lemon-thyme chicken w/ a pork sauce
Dessert (Collaboration): Bananas Foster Nutella Quesadilla

Michael & Jeffrey:
Appetizer (Collaboration): Roasted tomato & red chili soup
Entree (Michael): Pesto and broccoli-rubbed grilled chicken
Dessert (Jeffrey): Chocolate-filled crepe

Jamika & Katie:
Appetizer (Jamika): Salmon w/ seaweed & pepper slaw
Entree (Katie): Whole wheat pasta w/ chicken sausage & broccolini
Dessert (Collaboration): Fruit salad w/ grilled pineapple

The winning team is...

...Michael & Jeffrey! None of their dishes, according to the judges, looked store-bought.

Despite Teddy Folkman doing a great job with his part of the presentation this week (since he didn't try to imitate another famous person, which is a big no-no in life), he is in the bottom two this week because he bombed out on making his dessert and his integrity issues from last week have carried over to this week, when he decided to take credit for the awesome meatloaf he and Debbie Lee made. Eddie Gilbert is in the bottom two for the third time in a row.

In the end, was the meatloaf and his presentation enough to save Teddy?...


...YES! That means the third time was indeed the charm to cut Eddie.
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