Monday, June 15, 2009


We conclude this season of "Pros vs. Joes" out on the football field. We began the season with a $10,000 win. Let's see if these three Joes can win the $10K to end the season:

Brett Gilliland (Birmingham, AL)- Has 6,689 career passing yards
Jibril Raymo (L.A.)- First team high school All-American; personal trainer
Ray Waters (Stockbridge, GA)- Real estate agent and a two-sport athlete

PROS: Tim Brown, Simeon Rice & Rich Gannon

Matchup #1: Brett vs. Simeon- "In the Trenches"

Here, Brett must prevent Simeon from sacking him or forcing him out of the pocket for five seconds. If Brett can stay in the pocket two out of three times, he wins the matchup.

1. Brett
2. Simeon
3. Simeon- FAIL

Matchup #2: Brett vs. Rich- "In the Pocket"

Each pass completion within the 45 seconds is worth one point, but an interception incurs a one-point penalty. Having more points wins the matchup.

Tim: 7 (one interception)
Brett: 6 (one interception)- FAIL

Matchup #3: Sticky Fingers

1. Joes
2. Joes
3. Joes- SWEEP!

DUNKIN' DONUTS $10,000 GAME: Since they won one matchup, the Joes will start each possession on the 20 yard line.

By a final score of 12-6...


This might very well be the last time I do this show, because I HATED this season's format.
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