Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"RR/RW Challenge: The Duel"- SEASON FINALE

FEMALE DUEL #9: Remember, it was Aneesa vs. Tori on The Elevator, and the winner is...

...Aneesa! 3 for 3 in The Duel for her!

MALE DUEL #9: MJ vs. Brad then battle it out on Duel Pole Dancing...

...and Brad wins!

And now, for the season's last pair of duels to decide who makes the final challenge.

Men: Landon vs. Brad
Women: Diem vs. Brittini

Men: Back Off
Women: Push Over

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FINAL MALE DUEL: The last gentleman to make it into the finals, after a very brutal showdown, by a score of 2-1, is...


FINAL FEMALE DUEL: The last woman to qualify for a chance at six figures, also by a score of 2-1, is...



Men: Evan, Mark & Brad
Women: Aneesa, Rachel & Brittini

The big obstacle course takes place across Queenstown Hill, and it all begins with a jet boat ride. Along the way, there are five checkpoints, each one of which poses a mini-challenge to the players that's similar to the games played in The Duel this season. Some of the tasks require players to get a partner in order to complete them.

Checkpoint #1: Fill in a wall with circular puzzle pieces ("Spot On").

Evan, Mark & Rachel finish this first, so they have the early lead.

Checkpoint #2: Climb up to the top of a pole to unhook the chain and release a bicycle. They must then ride on it until the third checkpoint ("Duel Pole Dancing").

Brad & Rachel are the current leaders.

Checkpoint #3: The players must now form teams of two and get chained together to a black metal ring that they collect from another pole ("Back Off").

The teams now:

1. Brad & Rachel
2. Evan & Brittini
3. Mark & Aneesa

Checkpoint #4: The three duos must now push their sleds over the designated line. They are allowed to remove the dirt in order to make their sleds lighter. Afterwards, they must remove the key from the chest below and free themselves from their metal ring ("Push Over").

FINAL CHECKPOINT: While in the "Elevator", they must lift themselves high enough so that they can retrieve the above carving and go back down to run up a small staircase and meet the host to claim their money.

Remember, the season's two grand prize winners (one male and one female) will each get $100,000. The runners-up get $35,000 apiece and the other two get $15,000 a pop. Let's see which payouts went were as this season comes to a close...

$100,000: Rachel Robinson & Evan Starkman
$35,000: Brittini Sherrod & Brad Fiorenza
$15,000: Aneesa Ferriera & Mark Long

The closest race was between Evan & Brad for the 100 grand!
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