Wednesday, June 03, 2009

"The Ultimate Fighter" 6/3

WELTERWEIGHT SEMI-FINAL FIGHT #1: Nick Osipczak vs. Demarques Johnson
Referee: Herb Dean

Round 1: Johnson totally dominates this round, including two takedowns on Osipczak, so I gave him a 10-8 round.

Round 2: Early on, Johnson tries to apply a rear-naked choke on Osipczak while he's on his knees, but he can't do it. As time goes on, though, Osipczak then goes for a submission of his own...but that doesn't happen. After another failed attempt at a rear-naked choke by Johnson, he starts to close in on a TKO win...but it doesn't happen in time. I still gave him a 10-9 round, though.

Final Round: Johnson's trying harder for a knockout win of some sort, as during the first half of this round, he does some jumping knees to Osipczak's face. Near the end of the round's first half, he blocks a kick from Osipczak and turns it into yet another takedown. Johnson continues to dominate in the round's second half, so I had him winning 30-25 (since I scored this round 10-8).

Johnson advances to the welterweight final by unanimous decision!

Upcoming semi-final bouts:

Andre Winner vs. Cameron Dollar (Lightweights)
Ross Pearson vs. Jason Dent (Lightweights)
James Wilks vs. Frank Lester (Welterweights)
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