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7/22/2009 Results

Jeopardy!: Can Stefan Goodreau run away with a game for the third night in a row? We'll find out against:

Nina Sudhakar (originally from Cheshire, CT)- Paralegal
Marty Moran (Chicago)- Property manager

Wednesday's opening topics:


A semi-themed board on Classical Literature. At the first break, Moran leads with $3,400; the champ has a grand and Sudhakar has $600. Sudhakar later finds the Daily Double under the $1,000 The Scarlet Letters clue with $1,600, after having just doubled her money on the $800 spot; Stefan has $2,400 and Moran's still in Lock Game Territory early on with five large. Her wager is $500.

This shade of Scarlet gets its name from the Latin for "worm".

She blanks out, so not such a bad wager by her. It was vermillion, so her score's now at $1,100. At the end of the round, Stefan leads Moran, $5,400-$4,400; Sudhakar's now down to $300.

(Note: The $800 Pair of Dice, Lost clue was about "High Rollers"!)

LACH TRASH (unattempted): $2,000

DJ! Categories:

MULTIPLE CHOICE (on each clue, two numbers are given and the Least Common Multiple must be given)


Like the start of last night's DJ! round, Stefan's trying to start the round off with a category sweep. In this case, it's Gimme An "H". Here's the $2,000 clue from Kell at the Praza Da Quintana in Spain:

Here, at the Praza Da Quintana, one of the main portals into the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela is only opened during one of these years, also known as a jubilee.

He's in first with "What is a hundredth year?"...also my guess, but that's incorrect, dropping him to $7,400.


He later gets a second chance to sweep a category, this time being Multiple Choice. Here's the $2,000 clue there:

It's the lowest common multiple of 3, 4 & 5.

Stefan tries "What is 60?"...HE GOT A SWEEP THIS TIME! That puts him at $13,800 and he's now in Lock Game Territory!

Later, with only two categories remaining, Gone Country & Nature Study, he decides to go Daily Double Hunting in Gone Country first...after his first pick of the $1,600 clue proves to be a Triple Stumper, his $2,000 clue pick uncovers one of the DDs! He's at $20,600, while Moran's at $4,800 and Sudhakar's $500 in the hole. Some of you know that all of his FJ! wagers so far have ended in -17. Does he finally do the same thing with a DD wager...not here, as he wagers $1,400. For an even 22 grand, here's the clue:

At the time it merged with another African country in 1964, it was the world's last country alphabetically.

"What is Zanzibar?"...that is the country, so 22 grand is his new total! Three clues later, after Moran uses the High School Strategy in Nature Study, he finds the other DD under the $1,600 clue with eight grand so far. He risks...six large. To stay in this game, here's the clue:

It's the only cetacean that habitually feeds on warm-blooded aquatic mammals.

"What is the killer whale?"...IS RIGHT to move to 14 grand!



Stefan: $22,000
Marty: $14,400
Nina: $300


Stefan: $22,600
Marty: $10,000
Nina: $800

FJ! CATEGORY: 19th Century Presidents.

His letter accepting his nomination concluded, "Let us have peace", which became the GOP campaign slogan.

Response: "Who was Lincoln?"
Wager: $33

Final score: $267

Marty Moran wrote down "Who is Grant?"...Ulysses S. Grant is right! He risked $13,500, putting him at $27,900. Stefan...also gets Grant and breaks from his tradition by risking $6,801, giving him a third victory at $28,801! Three-day total: $65,735.

BrainRush: Playing Level 1 first is Devin.

1. Who played James Bond right before Daniel Craig?
NO GUESS (A: Pierce Brosnan)

2. How many days are there in February during a leap year?
NO GUESS (A: 29)

3. Who is the lead singer of Coldplay?
NO GUESS (A: Chris Martin)

4. Is Joaquin Phoenix a place or a person?
Guess: Person- CORRECT ($25)

5. Is Aquaman a superhero or a super villain?
Guess: Superhero- RIGHT ($50)

6. Where's the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame located?
NO GUESS (A: Cleveland)

Final question: Who is the "King of the Apes"?
NO GUESS (A: Tarzan)

Our second player is Walter.

1. Who is the voice of Donkey in the "Shrek" movies?
Guess: Eddie Murphy- CORRECT ($25)

2. Is R2-D2 a robot or an alien?
Guess: Robot- RIGHT ($50)

3. T or B: NYC is the capital of New York.
Guess: Bogus- RIGHT ($75)

Final question: Is Ravioli an Italian food or car?
NO GUESS (A: Food)

Four is the fewest number of questions that have been asked in any Quick Quiz round so far. Paloma is the final player of the night.

1. Who is the male host of "America's Best Dance Crew"?
NO GUESS (A: Mario Lopez)

2. How many rings are on the Olympic logo?
Guess: 4- INCORRECT (A: 5)

3. The video game character Mario has what kind of job?
NO GUESS (A: Plumber)

4. What dog has a better sense of smell- German Shepherd or Bloodhound?
Guess: Bloodhound- CORRECT ($25)

5. Is D.M.X. is a government agency or a person?
Guess: Person- RIGHT ($50)

6. Which is taller- Mount Everest or the Statue of Liberty?
Guess: Mount Everest- RIGHT AGAIN ($75)

7. What kind of hat does Indiana Jones wear?
NO GUESS (A: Fedora)

8. How many Major League Baseball teams are there?
NO GUESS (A: 30)

Final question: Is "Kung Fu Panda" played by Seth Rogan or Jack Black?
Guess: Jack Black- RIGHT ($100)

Level 2: The envelopes this time are blue and orange. Walter's blue pick gets him...Represent.

WORDS: Hightops, ranch & guitar

1. Ranch ($125)
2. Hightops ($175)
3. Guitar ($225)

SIGNS: Skull/crossbones, stop & hammer

1. Hand ($275)
2. Skull ($325)
3. Hammer ($375)

That means Paloma has to answer all six of her Regurgitator questions correctly to move on to the endgame. The topic this time is the movie "Star Wars" being made into a play at an Idaho high school.

1. In what state does the story take place?
Guess: Idaho- YOU BET ($150)

2. How much are tickets worth?
Guess: $3- CORRECT ($200)

3. What's the name of the high school?
Guess: Mountain View- NO (A: Mountain Home High School)

4. Where will they perform the play?
Guess: Gym- CORRECT ($250)

5. What film will the school be adapting into the play?
Guess: "Star Wars"- YOU BET ($300)

Final question: What's the name of the school's theater company?
NO GUESS (A: Encore Company)

LEVEL 3: Walter chooses Penalty Box. He is then offered to eat a cheesburger...and he does for a $100 bonus.


1. Lakers ($50)
2. Cavaliers ($150)
3. Mavericks ($300)
4. Bulls ($500)
5. 76ers ($750)
6. Pistons ($1,050)
7. Kings ($1,400)
8. Knicks ($1,800)
9. Thunder ($2,250)

His bank now stands at $2,625...and he goes for the final question! Last week we tried for a winner of over five grand, the player was unsuccessful. Let's see if Walter can get the job done here.

DOUBLE OR HALF QUESTION: Who was the youngest golfer ever to win a career Grand Slam?

His guess is the obvious one, Tiger Woods...

...HOLE IN ONE!!! With the extra $100, he's now the new all-time top winner with $5,350!

Wipeout: This is Episode 204. This week's Qualifier consists of the Breakaway Planks, the Big Balls, the Log Roll with some Loose Noodles and the Fender Benders.

Patty: 5:28.3
Kerin Alfaro: 2:45.9
Susie Packard (cleared the Fender Benders): 2:24.9
Kristen Egizi: 2:16.4

Patty doesn't make it to the second round, but the other three do. Joining them are twins Stephane & Cara, Cameron Pinckney, James Haden, Alex Koromzay, Erika Reinert, Tonee Lam, Howard Jones & Jody Van Zanten.

In addition, Tanika Ray from the TV show "Extra" ran the course!

King of the Mountain:

1. James
2. Kerin
3. Susie
4. Erika
5. Kristen
6. Tonee

Dizzy Dummy 2.0: This time, the Spinner has the Keyhole obstacle. During the first and third heats, the Buoy Run is in play; in the even heats, they must go through the Wall Squeeze.


1. Kristen
2. Susie
3. Kerin
4. James

THE WIPEOUT ZONE: The obstacles that stand everybody in the way of the cash are the Aqua Launch, the Raging Rapids, the Crazy Sweeper and the Wedge Turntables.

Kristen: 17:46.25

James: QUIT


All Kerin has to do is not give up or run out of time...

...he wins the money with 43.47 to spare!

In two weeks, some of the most memorable contestants will return for a second shot at the big money!
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