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7/24/2009 Results

Jeopardy!: Let's see if Stefan Goodreau can help end this 25th Anniversary season on a high note. The final challengers of the season:

Emily Bruemmer (Orleans, MA)- History/East Asian Studies student
John Munson (originally from Lakeland, FL)- Self-proclaimed Gadabout

Here's the opening round board:


VISUALLITERATION (each correct response has two alliterative words in appearance, but not in sound)

Stefan gets the first three clues in Acting Families before the rest of that category proves to be nothing but Triple Stumpers, with Munson missing the $800 clue. Stefan then tries to sweep Visalliteration with this grand clue:

A trip from New York to Ireland earned Douglas Corrigan this nickname in 1938.

"What is Wrong Way?" is said by...Stefan, so he's got a SWEEP and a new total of $4,200! When we hit the first break, he's got five grand while Bruemmer has $1,400 and Munson's now $200 on the good side. Towards the end of this round, Bruemmer finds the Daily Double under the $600 Prehistoric Times clue with $4,800; Stefan has $6,600 and Munson's $200 is now a negative amount. Her wager is the clue's face value ($600) on this:

This development divides prehistoric times from historic times.

"What is written record?"...should've bet for the lead- that's right to go to $5,400. Stefan then is right on the rest of that subject to end the round with $8,400.


The last set of DJ! categories this season are:



Munson gets all but the $1,200 clue in Dylan to jump to $4,600 and be just behind Bruemmer for second place. But Bruemmer shortly hits DD #1 under the $1,200 Poets & Poetry clue with $6,600; the champ still leads with ten grand now. Her wager this time is...$1,000.

This British poet wrote, "When I consider how my light is spent, ere half my days, in this dark world and wide".

"Who is Eliot?"...incorrect. The right poet was John Milton, setting her back to $5,600. She then shakes that off and shortly finds the season's last DD under the $1,200 clue in The Aztecs. She now has $8,400, just $1,600 off the champ's lead. She now wagers...$1,600. To tie the game, the clue is:

The principal food of the Aztecs was a thin cornmeal package called a Tlaxcalli, this in Spanish.

"What is tortilla?"...that ties the game at ten grand apiece!



Stefan: $16,400
John: $8,200
Emily: $18,000


Stefan: $16,400
John: $8,200
Emily: $18,600


In 2009, she was on a world tour at age 69; when "Jeopardy!" premiered in September 1984, she had the USA's No. 1 hit.

John Munson agrees with my guess of "What is Cher?"...but we're both incorrect. His wager was five grand, finishing him up at $3,200. Stefan's response was "Who is Tina Turner?"...

"Who is Tina Turner?"

...YES! His wager...NOTHING. According to the J-Archive's betting calculator, that's the right thing to do. That means he's hoping for a mistake by Emily Bruemmer...

...AND IT HAPPENS- SHE WROTE DOWN MADONNA AND LOSES SEVEN GRAND, MEANING STEFAN GOODREAU IS THE SEASON'S LAST FIVE-TIME CHAMPION!!! His total heading into the summer break: $84,870! A fitting way to end this special season!

(Emily should've wagered $14,801 there.)

Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?: The celebrity coming into the classroom, after a prolonged introduction by host Jeff Foxworthy (which includes a big microphone coming down from the ceiling), is former multi-time boxing champion and "Contender" host Sugar Ray Leonard. He's playing for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and makes Jenna his first partner. Here are the categories:

1st Grade Life Science
1st Grade Social Studies
2nd Grade Music
2nd Grade Grammar
3rd Grade Math
3rd Grade Astronomy
4th Grade U.S. Geography
4th Grade Cultural Studies
5th Grade World History
5th Grade Literature

He attempts Grammar first.

What word is the verb in this show's title?

He locks in "smarter"...NO! I thought for sure that was right. The right word was "Are"...which Jenna puts down to save him. He tries to do better with Social Studies.

The U.S. federal holiday of New Year's Day is observed in what month?

He goes with the obvious in January...this time, he's right. After picking Bryce as his second classmate, his third chosen topic is Life Science.

T or F: Some species of berries are poisonous for humans to eat.

He nails True and moves on with Music.

How many strings are on a standard cello- 4, 5 or 6?

After thinking it out, he locks in away from the safe haven. Olivia's his third partner and 3rd Grade Astronomy's his next category.

NASA space shuttles launch from Cape Canaveral in what U.S. state?

A: Florida
B: California
C: Texas

His guess is Florida...yes indeed for $25,000. 3rd Grade Math is his next stop.

Jenna's in a toy store that has three shelves of dolls. There are 8 dolls on the first shelf, 15 dolls on the second shelf and 11 dolls on the last shelf. If Jenna buys two dolls, what is the total number of dolls left on the shelves?

Sugar Ray...KOs 32 for $50,000 (as do all the classmates)! Jonathan then joins him and the $100,000 category is 4th Grade U.S. Geography:

Dormant Volcano Mount Hood is located in what U.S. state?

Even with the Peek and Copy still in play, Sugar Ray decides to throw in the towel at $50,000 for his charity. Mt. Vernon is located in Oregon- her daughter knew that. Jonathan, however, did not- he wrote down Montana.

And now, stepping into this show's ring, is the host of "Bullrun", as well as a former NFL player and professional wrestler- Bill Goldberg! His charity is The Progeria Research Foundation. Olivia is his opening partner. Let's see the categories:

1st Grade Measurements
1st Grade Grammar
2nd Grade Spelling
2nd Grade Animal Science
3rd Grade Social Studies
3rd Grade World Geography
4th Grade Math
4th Grade English
5th Grade Science
5th Grade Cultural Studies

Goldberg's first opponent here is Grammar.

T or F: All sentences must end with a period.

He knows that's False. 2nd Grade Animal Science is his second topic.

T or F: There are more than 25,000 different species of spiders in the world.

He decides to Peek at Olivia's answer, which is False. He decides to play it safe and lock in True...he's right, so his Save remains intact. Like Sugar Ray, Bryce is his second child partner. The third topic of his choice is Measurements (prior to the following question, he sees a video message from David Arquette).

If today is Francesca's 10th birthday, how many years from now will she turn 21?

He gets 11 easily and moves on to Spelling.

The plural form of the word "quiz" has how many letters?

He locks in 6, but he's one off. It was 7...AND BRYCE ALSO WROTE DOWN 6- THAT MEANS GOLDBERG'S MIND HAS SPEARED AND JACKHAMMERED HIMSELF!!!! HE'S THE FIRST CELEBRITY TOTAL FLUNK OUT ON THIS SHOW. THAT'S A ZONK ANSWER OF THE WEEK NOMINEE. What a shame. But lucky for him, the producers are generous enough to donate $25,000 to his charity anyway.
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