Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"America's Got Talent": SEASON 4's TOP 40

David Johnson
Thia Megia
Texas Tenors
Lawrence Beaman
Kevin Skinner
Eleisha Miller
Marcus Terrell
Voices of Glory
Barbara Padilla
Charles DeWayne Dorsey
EriAm Sisters
Mia Boostrom

Pete Peterkin (impressionist)
Arcadian Broad (dancer)
AcroDunk (acrobatic basketball dunkers)
Platt Bros. (pantomimers, dancers & acrobats)
Recycled Percussion
G Force (young girls' rock band)
Erik & Rickie (8-year-old dancing couple)
Manuela Horn (yodeler)
The Fab Five (cloggers)
Drew Thomas (illusionist)
Hairo Torres (breakdancer/contortionist)
Paradizo Dance (acrobatic dancers)
Ishaara (Bollywood dancers)
FootworkKINGz (dance group)
Jeffrey Ou (piano player)
Mario & Jenny (chainsaw jugglers)
BreakSk8 (roller skating breakdancers)
Chris Allison (previously eat a light bulb)
Rockin' Rory (canine flying disc act)
Pam Martin & Viva (dancing dog act)
Carol Lugo (62-year-old dancer)
Pixie Mystere (pre-teenage gymnastic troupe)
Grandma Lee (comic)
African High Flyers (acrobats)
Alizma (violin/singing trio of triplets)
Anthony Morigerato & Matt Lucas (singer/guitarist and tap dancing act)
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