Tuesday, July 07, 2009

DEBUT: "The Great American Road Trip"

These seven families are ready to ride and compete for $100,000 and maybe a lot more:

Coote (Lockport, IL)- Keith (dad), Jennifer (mom), Cassidy & Jake (children)
Disalvatore (Yonkers, NY)- Silvio (dad), Amy (mom), Mason & Blake (teenagers)
Faverey (Long Island, NY)- Lenny (dad), Dee (mom), Dylan (teenager) & Ashley (child)
Katzenberg (Westport, CT)- Marc (dad), Hyleri (mom), Sami & Andrew (teenagers)
Montgomery (Montclair, CA)- Darius (dad), Alecia (mom), Darius Ross (teenager) & Tyiler (child)
Pollard (Wicksburg, AL)- Ron (dad), Amie (mom), Aaron (teenager) & Anslie (child)
Rico (Katy, TX)- Ricardo (dad), Erica (mom), Danielle (teenager) & Ricky (child)

The host is Reno Collier; the show isn't shot in HD. Throughout the course of the run, everybody will get their kicks down Route 66.

We start off at Wrigley Field in Chicago, which just got recently sold by Tribune to some new ownership. The finish line is located in California. Each family rides in a Route 66-decorated RV, courtesy of El Monte RV. Along the way, there will be Rest Areas where families get to sleep in their RVs for the night, as well as important challenges that decide who stays in the game and who won't.

Rest Area #1: Illinois State Fairgrounds (Springfield, IL)

King of the Road Challenge #1: At the Lincoln Home in Springfield, the familes compete in an obstacle course. Each family is given a box villed with many "Vote" signs in it; one member of each family has to wear a Presidential bobblehead over their head. After collecting some of the signs, they have to go through a reflecting pool, a thorny rose garden, go over a cabinet and then over a field of sticky red tape before depositing their signs in their ballot box. The family with the most signs in their ballot box within three minutes wins a bonus prize; the bottom three families will have to compete in the End of the Road Challenge.

Here are the Presidential assignments:

Rico: George Washington
Pollard: George W. Bush
Disalvatore: Richard Nixon
Katzenberg: Barack Obama
Coote: JFK
Faverey: Ronald Reagan

Montgomery: Bill Clinton

With 67 votes, the winners of this challenge are...

...the Cootes! They win a special dinner on the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge.

Facing elimination, however, are the Montgomerys (27), the Favereys (26) & the Katzenbergs (19).

The Cootes and DiSalvatores already have a rivalry going on, as the DiSalvatores complained that the vote carrier for the Cootes stuffed some of their signs inside their shirt, which is not allowed. Obviously, their protest wasn't accepted.

END OF THE ROAD CHALLENGE #1: At the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, each family has to roll a big ball, attached to a very long rope, through a series of arches as fast as they can. One member of each family must be inside the ball at all times. The squad with the worst time is eliminated and sent home empty-handed.

Before the second and third families go, they are kept in isolation.

1. Faverey (Ashley in the ball): 15:52

2. Katzenberg (Sami in the ball): 41:51

The Montgomerys decide to put Tyler in the ball. Their final time is...

...an impressive 2:24! That means the Katzenbergs are eliminated.

This show is produced by BBC Worldwide, best known for "Dancing with the Stars".
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