Thursday, July 16, 2009

"The Fashion Show" 7/16

FINAL FASHION SHOW: The finale of "The Fashion Show" is similar to "Project Runway's". Each member of the final four will present ten different looks at the final fashion show. After all the looks have been presented, the judges will cut a finalist. Then, you folks at home get to vote on the other three contestants' collections to determine the champion.

BTW, "Top Chef Masters" host Kelly Choi happens to be in the audience.

One of the finalists, Reco, had to finish some dresses at the last minute because of some difficulties.

Presentation order:

1. Daniella Kallmeyer
2. Reco Chapple
3. Anna McCraney
4. James-Paul Ancheta

The designer eliminated tonight and finishing in fourth place is...

...Reco. What happened prior to the big show did him in. And now, here are the numbers you need to call to vote for your big winner:

Anna: 1-888-493-2701
Daniella: 1-888-493-2702
James-Paul: 1-888-493-2703
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