Thursday, July 09, 2009

"The Fashion Show" 7/9

FINAL HARPER'S BAZAAR MINI CHALLENGE: Each contestant must design a dress in 20 minutes using two yards of fabric and 12 pins.

With a pink dress, the winner is...

...Daniella Kallmeyer!

ELIMINATION CHALLENGE #10: Everybody has to design an evening gown that would make anyone feel like a million dollars, using some of the $30,000 collection of crystallized elements.

Each of the remaining contestants must pick one of these five previously eliminated contestants to assist them in this challenge- Andrew, Angel, Haven, Keith & Merlin.

Daniella: Haven
Anna: Keith
James-Paul: Merlin
Reco: Andrew
Johnny: Angel


Guest Judge: Glenda Bailey ("Harper's Bazaar" Editor-in-Chief)

The order:

1. Johnny
2. James-Paul
3. Anna
4. Reco
5. Daniella

Definitely going to the Final Four are Anna McCraney & Daniella. The winner of this Fashion Show is...

...Daniella- she's swept an episode for the second time this season!

The third contestant to move on is...

...Reco Chapple! And the last member will be...


...James-Paul Ancheta, sending home Johnny Rodriguez.
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