Wednesday, July 01, 2009

"I Survived a Japanese Game Show!" 7/1

To start, the Green Tigers are asked to send one of their members to the winless Red Robots...they choose Cathy Grosam.

Advantage Challenge #3 ("Gopher Make U Crazy!"): Each team pokes their heads through gopher holes and tries to spit as many ping pong balls into the outside containers while avoiding the hammer shots by one opposing team member. The other members of the opposing team each have a noodle to swat flying balls down to the ground. The team with the most stored balls within 2:30 wins.

The Green Tigers are successful with 66 balls. The Red Robots successfully stored...

...106 balls, so by a mile, their losing streak is over!

Main Challenge #3 ("4 Near-Sighted Mice & Big Cheese!"): Everybody's wearing mouse costumes as well as goggles. One team member must put open carts of milk on a conveyor belt while his/her teammates have to catch those milk cartons using boxing gloves and pour them out into a container. Another team member serves as The Big Cheese by shouting directions to everybody else.

The Big Cheeses are Debbie Kaufman & Justin Brown. Since they finally won a challenge, one of the Red Robots doesn't have to wear boxing gloves...which turns out to be Drew Sealey.

The team that stores the most milk within two minutes is...

...the Red Robots! Their bonus is a first-class trip on Japan's fastest train to one of the fanciest restaurants in the country. The Green Tigers, however, have to build a Japanese sand garden.

ELIMINATION GAME #3 ("Big Penguin Belly Flop!"): It's Brent Alexander vs. Debbie. Both are dressed in a penguin suit and have to pop as many egg balloons as they can. Whoever pops more within two minutes advances to the next episode.

Brent pops 20 of them, which is almost the entire pool...

...while Debbie only pops 16, so she's eliminated.
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