Wednesday, July 08, 2009

"I Survived a Japanese Game Show!" 7/8

Advantage Challenge #4 ("Snap Attack!"): Both teams play on opposite sides of a large table without wearing any shirts. In each round, one member of each team has to hit the player directly opposite them with a rubber band. The first player to score two hits wins the round for their team; three rounds wins.

The Red Robots choose to sit out Dan Barbour.

1. Linda Plaxen vs. Drew Sealey
A: Drew
B: Linda

2. Jamie Lewis vs. Bobaloo Koenig
A: Jamie
B: Jamie- RED ROBOTS LEAD, 2-0

3. Justin Brown vs. Brent Alexander
A: Brent
B: Brent- RED ROBOTS LEAD, 2-1

4. Cathy Grosam vs. Megan Bentley
A: Cathy
B: Cathy- RED ROBOTS WIN, 3-1

Main Challenge #4 ("Paint Splash Madness!"): Three players from each team will be on spinning discs wearing a cup strapped to their chests. Two of them must pull a cord releasing paint from an above container and pour it into the third player's jug. Two minutes are on the clock.

Serving as the Catchers for this challenge are Bobaloo and Dan. The Red Robots get a bonus cup since they won the previous challenge; Drew accepts it.

The Green Tigers go first here and collect .68 kg worth of paint. The Red Robots got...

...after a slow start, 1.12 kg- after losing the first four team challenges, they have won the next four! They get to be race car drivers while the Green Tigers have to work at a gas station.

ELIMINATION GAME #4 ("Alien Took My Teddy Bear!"): Bobaloo & Megan have to transfer stuffed pandas from one side to the other while navigating past a pair of conveyor belts and three spinning discs. The one with the most stored animals wins.

Bobaloo only gets one...

...while Megan gets her second with just four seconds left, so Bobaloo is gone.
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