Sunday, July 19, 2009

"The Next Food Network Star" 7/19- FINAL FOUR

The stay in sunny Miami continues. The final four meet up with Michael Symon.

Mini-Challenge: Perform a four-minute cooking demonstration of their signature dish on "South". There will be an intentional mistake in each of the demonstrations that the contestants must deal with ASAP.

Debbie Lee is first, making some crispy catfish with some succotash. She has to realize that chicken's about to be made instead of catfish, as well as the fact that there are no cooking utensils available except for a knife. She does very well!

Melissa d'Arabian's up second, planning on making some caviar (includes some anchovies, olives & capers) with some potatoes. Host Dave Aizer (former Nickelodeon personality) intentionally starts off her segment by calling her Debbie. Also, Dave says he hates olives and throws in some unncessary hot sauce. I felt she did OK.

Jeffrey Saad goes third, making a grilled cheese sandwich featuring Gorgonzola cheese, Arugula and carmelized pears. Little does he know that he has to deal with many technical difficulties. He did decently.

Finally, Jamika Pessoa must make herb-roasted chicken breasts while dealing with some time cue issues. She did OK, but she doesn't have enough fun on camera.

Debbie is the clear winner of this Mini-Challenge!

MAIN CHALLENGE #7: This is the Red Lobster Wood Grill Challenge. Here, while outdoors, the contestants have to pair a fresh fish w/ a crustacean or shellfish and cook it on a wood grill within 45 minutes. The winner of this challenge will have their dish put on the Red Lobster menu. The catch is, the judges get to throw in some ingredients that put each contestant out of their comfort zone.

Debbie gets the first pick of either a crustacean or shellfish since she won the Mini-Challenge:

Debbie: Talipia
Melissa: Scallops
Jamika: Mahi-Mahi
Jeffrey: Shellfish


Debbie: Charmula-rubbed Talipia w/ fennel, orange & crab salad topped with anchovy & olive vinaigrette (she left out the capers, though)
Melissa: Habanero-marinated scallops w/ pineapple & shallot sauce
Jeffrey: Wasabi-coated and seared shrimp & scallops
Jamika: Citrus-grilled Mahi-Mahi w/ Jamaican Me Crazy Shrimp & sweet mango rice

The winner of this challenge, and definitely safe this week, is...

...Jeffrey! But the lady who has been eliminated tonight is...


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