Sunday, July 05, 2009

"The Next Food Network Star" 7/5

Mini Challenge #4 ("Yum-O Challenge"): Do a two-minute cooking demo after making a dish within an hour that involves one of three key ingredients that kids might not really like. Yum-O is Rachael Ray's charity. Here are the assignments:

Tofu: Jamika & Jeffrey
Brussels Sprouts: Melissa & Michael
Squid: Katie & Debbie

Now, the dishes:

Katie: Calamari fruit salad w/ Quinoa
Debbie: Baked calamari w/ yams
Jeffrey: Spaghetti w/ "Tofu Chicken Nuggets"
Jamika: Corn & tofu wrap
Melissa: Mashed potatoes w/ Brussels Sprouts
Michael: Brussels Sprouts w/ grilled cheese

In addition to Ray, three kids judge all of this food along with the other judges.

MAIN CHALLENGE #5: The same three teams must now make kid-like food into adult meals while on "Rachael Ray" in five minutes. Everybody has an hour to prep their food.

Katie & Debbie: Chicken nuggets & macaroni & cheese
Michael & Melissa: Tomato soup & a grilled cheese sandwich
Jeffrey & Jamika: Hot dogs & baked beans

Everybody has 45 minutes to shop. Now, the official dishes for this challenge:

Michael & Melissa: Grilled cheese skewers & tomato soup w/ bacon lardons
Katie & Debbie: Soy Dijon chicken tenders w/ baked shrimp macaroni & cheese
Jeffrey & Jamika: Spicy Spanish hot dog w/ sweet baked beans

Jamika Pessoa's definitely in the bottom two this week, as she didn't do too well on either of the challenges, espescially in the presentation department. Katie Cavuto's in danger for the third time this season. In the end, Katie...

Katie cut. But we will see her again with the other eliminated contestants in a later challenge, possibly as soon as next week.
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