Monday, July 06, 2009

This season's "Big Brother" contestants

This season on "Big Brother", there will be 13 contestants. The first 12 are divided into one of four cliques- Populars, Athletes, Brains & Offbeats. Here they are:

Braden Bacha (Santa Monica, CA)- Surfer
Casey Turner (Lakeland, FL)- Father, 5th Grade teacher and DJ
Chima Simone (West Hollywood, CA)- Freelance journalist
Jeff Schroeder (Norridge, IL)- Advertising salesman
Jordan Lloyd (Matthews, NC)- Waitress
Kevin Campbell (Chula Vista, CA)- Graphic designer
Lauren Crosby (Atlanta)- Bikini model
Lydia Tavera (Torrance, CA)- Special effects make-up artist
Michele Noonan (Pasadena, CA)- Neuroscientist
Natalie Martinez (Gilbert, AZ)- Tae Kwon Do champ
Ronnie Talbott (Belpre, OH)- Gamer
Russell Kairouz (Walnut Creek, CA)- MMA fighter

The 13th and final contestant, as well as any twists regarding this person, won't be revealed until the season premiere on Thursday.
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