Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Top Chef Masters" 7/22

This is the final preliminary round episode.

Jonathan Waxman (Barbuto Restaurant in NYC)(Charity: Meals on Wheels)
Art Smith (Table fifty-two in Chicago; was a judge during the eighth episode of Season 4)(Charity: Common Threads)
Michael Cimarusti (Providence Restaurant in L.A.)(Charity: Grameen Foundation)
Roy Yamaguchi (Roy's Hawaiian Fusion Cuisine; was a judge on the second season finale)(Charity: Imua Family Services)

Quickfire: Previously done on the tenth episode of the third season, each chef must buy up to $20 worth of food within a half hour from only the number of the aisle indicated on the knife they have draw and then make a dish within a half hour. Here are the aisle assignments:

Michael: 1
Roy: 2
Jonathan: 3
Art: 4

The judges for this challenge are three representatives of Whole Foods Market.

Roy: Pasta w/ fried egg & Asian flavors
Jonathan: Mint, lentil & roasted pepper salad
Art: Multi-grain risotto w/ a crispy rice salad
Michael: Chocolate parfait w/ ginger sauterne syrup & sesame crackers


Roy: 4
Jonathan: 3.5
Art: 4.5
Michael: 5

ELIMINATION CHALLENGE: Make a dish using seven of 11 ingredients from a mystery box chosen by one of their opponents within two hours. Not only must they cook for the critics, they must also do so for some culinary students.

The shopping budget for this challenge is $300 within 45 minutes. The picks:

Roy: Art
Art: Roy
Michael: Jonathan
Jonathan: Michael

Gail Simmons replaces Jay on the judges' panel again this week.

Art: Fried chicken two ways w/ mango pie
Roy: Short Rib Kalbi & Mahi Mahi
Michael: Loin of lamb with sunchoke puree, broccoli rabe & purple cauliflower
Jonathan: Pork sausage & chop w/ cauliflower celery root puree & black truffle

Quickfire: 3.5
Students: 4.5
Gael: 4
James: 4
Gail: 4

Quickfire: 4
Students: 3
Gael: 2.5
James: 2.5
Gail: 3


Quickfire: 5
Students: 3.5
Gael: 3
James: 2.5
Jay: 3.5
TOTAL: 17.5

Quickfire: 4.5
Students: 5
Gael: 5

James: 3
Jay: 4.5
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