Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Top Chef Masters" 7/29- CHAMPIONS ROUND BEGINS

Quickfire: Two teams of three compete in the Mise En Place Relay Race that was first done on the ninth episode of Season 4. Tom Colicchio will decide the winning team.

Pepper: Art Smith, Michael & Suzanne Tracht
Salt: Hubert Keller, Rick Bayless & Anita Lo

The winners, and getting five stars apiece, are...

...Team Salt! Each member of Team Pepper receives four stars.

All of the remaining six chefs then sample some of each other's signature dishes:

Hubert: Lobster & truffle cappuccino w/ corn madeleine
Art: Seared grouper w/ hearts of palm, trumpet mushrooms & Meyer lemon zest
Anita: Seared scallops w/ potato puree & bacon, sea urchin & mustard greens
Michael: Fennel balsamic quail w/ mosto cotto mostarda, sauteed greens & roasted apples
Suzanne: Chopped sirloin w/ peppercorn sauce & fried egg
Rick: Rack of lamb & black pasilla chile & mission figs

ELIMINATION CHALLENGE: Recreate a competitor's signature dish within two hours. The assignments:

Hubert: Anita
Anita: Hubert
Rick: Michael
Art: Suzanne
Suzanne: Art
Michael: Rick

This week's shopping budget is $300 within 45 minutes. Additionally, the diners are the contestants that the final six have beaten to get to this point.

Art: Ground lamb scotch egg, sweet potato fries & tomato tart
Rick: Quail w/ parsnip & proscuitto stuffing over wild greens
Suzanne: Roast grouper w/ gnocchi, peas, bacon & parsnips
Hubert: Seared scallop w/ cream of sea urchin over fingerling mashed potatoes
Michael: Rack of lamb stuffed w/ fig mostarda chickpeas & fried rosemary
Anita: Corn chawanmushi, champagne gelee & lobster biscuit sandwich

Let's see who's in the top two:

Quickfire: 5
Diners: 4.5
Gael: 4
James: 5
Jay: 4.5

Quickfire: 5
Diners: 4.5
Gael: 5
James: 4.5
Jay: 5

Now, the scores for the other four, who are looking to avoid elimination:

Quickfire: 4
Diners: 3
Gael: 4
James: 3.5
Jay: 4
TOTAL: 18.5

Quickfire: 5
Diners: 4
Gael: 4

James: 4
Jay: 4.5
TOTAL: 21.5

Quickfire: 4
Diners: 3
Gael: 3
James: 2.5
Jay: 2.5

Quickfire: 4

Diners: 3
Gael: 2.5

James: 2.5
Jay: 2.5
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