Wednesday, August 12, 2009

8/12/2009 Results

Millionaire: Anthony Sloan will be "Making Money", at least $25,000 to be exact, if he can somehow answer this next question in said category within 30 seconds or less:

According to 2009 federal guidelines, a family of four in the contiguous U.S. must earn at least what to be above the poverty line?

A: $12,051
B: $22,051
C: $32,051
D: $42,051

Get out NOW, Anthony...but he locks in $22,051 with seven seconds left...

A: $12,051
B: $22,051
C: $32,051
D: $42,051

...he got it for $25,000! I didn't think he had a prayer with that question. He now has two and a half minutes on his million dollar clock as he now gets a free shot at doubling his winnings with this next question in Giant Robots:

In the 2009 blockbuster "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen", which of these characters is an evil Deception and NOT a heroic Autobot?

A: Mudflap
B: Bumblebee
C: Starscream
D: Sideswipe

He's pretty sure it's Starscream, so that's his final answer with :21 left...

A: Mudflap
B: Bumblebee
C: Starscream
D: Sideswipe

...and it is for $50,000! 2:51 now on his million dollar clock as he now heads for the $100,000 question in the category of Hot Hand. Here it is:

What state has voted for the winning candidate in 24 of the last 25 presidential elections, the best percentage of the U.S.?

A: Colorado
B: Nevada
C: Ohio
D: Missouri

He goes for it again with Ohio at the ten-second mark...

A: Colorado
B: Nevada

C: Ohio
D: Missouri

...oops. He leaves with $25,000 as a result of pressing his luck once way too often.

Here are our 10 new contestants:

Bryant Gomm (Layton, UT)
Annaka Nava (Fredericksburg, VA)
Trevor Schultz (Phoenix)
Stephen Collazo (Houston, TX)
Angela Watt (Oxford, MI)
Carmel Trela (Gilroy, CA)
Aaron Min (Gainesville, FL)
Maria Tedesco (Bedminister, NJ)
Melissa Storms (Elberfeld, IN)
Ron Kaplan (Tarzana, CA)

Tonight's first Fastest Finger Question:

Put these Michael Jackson albums in order of their original release, starting with the earliest.

A: "Thriller"
B: "Off the Wall"
C: "Bad"

D: "Dangerous"


Our next million-dollar hopeful is...

Trevor: 4.18
Stephen: 5.43
Annaka: 6.04

...Trevor, who is a database manager for an engineering company. Tonight's Expert is ABC News political correspondent Cokie Roberts. Here are Trevor's categories:

Lower Tier: Gotcha Popcorn?, Strings Attached, Sports Physics, Air Mail & TV Dreams
Middle Tier: Savory Songs, Leg of Literature, Where Is It?, Daddy Justice & The Hangover
Upper Tier: Barack The Vote, Advanced Anatomy, Bleeding Love, Starting Gates & Extremely Rare

To the surprise of no one, the 2009 romantic comedy "The Proposal" ends how?

A: A couple rents an apartment
B: A couple gets engaged

C: A couple buys a dog
D: Sandra Bullock snorts

GUESS (:04): A couple gets engaged- YOU BET (:49)

Which of these musical groups could be loosely described as a "string quartet"?

A: Two trombonists
B: Four violinists
C: Six drummers
D: Eight pianists

GUESS (:08): Four violinists- CORRECT (:57)

"Distance of Flights of a Batted Ball" is a subchapter in a book titled "The Physics of" what sport?

A: Basketball
B: Hockey
C: Baseball
D: Football

GUESS (:09): Baseball- CORRECT (1:06)

Which of these winged creatures is not featured on a stamp in the U.S. Postal Service stamp series called "Pollination"?

A: Bee
B: Hummingbird

C: Butterfly
D: Eagle

GUESS (:07): Eagle- CORRECT (1:13)

Foreshadowing his eventual career, what TV personality had a license plate that read "L8NITE" when he was a teen?

A: Jimmy Kimmel
B: Willard Scott
C: Dr. Phil
D: Matt Lauer

GUESS (:06): Jimmy Kimmel- REACHES $1,000 (1:19)

Which of these herb names comes first in the title of a classic 1966 album by Simon & Garfunkel?

A: Rosemary
B: Sage
C: Parsley
D: Thyme

With eight seconds left, he Asks the Audience. 82% said Parsley, 12% said Rosemary and 3% each said either Sage or Thyme. He then locks in Parsley a second later and now has a new million dollar clock total of 1:26.

Which of these classic literary creatures has a peg leg?

A: Captain Ahab
B: Don Quixote
C: Robinson Crusoe
D: Ichabod Crane

GUESS (:15): Captain Ahab- CORRECT (1:41)

Where is the Kuiper Belt?

A: Inside the human brain
B: Along the California coast
C: At the Louvre Museum
D: In the outer solar system

GUESS (:22): In the outer solar system- RIGHT (2:03)

What U.S. Supreme Court Justice is the father of nine children?

A: Clarence Thomas
B: Antonin Scalia
C: Anthony M. Kennedy
D: John Paul Stevens

At the :19 mark, Trevor Asks the Expert. Cokie's sure it's Scalia. Trevor then locks that in four seconds later...2:18 now on his final question clock.

In the summer hit "The Hangover", a trio of groomsmen search for a lost groom in Las Vegas, eventually finding him where?

A: The top of the Stratosphere
B: In a fountain at the Bellagio
C: On the roof of Caesar's Palace
D: On the golf course at the Wynn

GUESS (:14): On the roof of Caesar's Palace- REACHES $25,000 (2:32)

I feel pretty good about his chances of getting up to $50,000, because the next category, Barack the Vote, appears to be a question about President Obama. Here it is:

The first U.S. presidential election in which Barack Obama was eligible to vote was won by whom?

B: Nixon
C: Carter
D: Reagan

If he knows most of the U.S. Presidents, he's got a good shot here. After talking it out, he uses the Double Dip at the :20 mark. His first guess is Reagan...$50,000! With 2:52 on his million dollar clock, here's the night's second $100,000 question, this time in Advanced Anatomy:

Often calculated by anatomists, bizygomatic width is the distance between what two points on the human body?

A: Cheekbones
B: Nostrils
C: Shoulders
D: Hips

It appears he wants to say nostrils, but with :16 left, he decides to Phone a Friend. He can call either Nathan (Chandler, AZ), Miguel (Irvine, CA) or Ron (Fresno, CA). He selects Miguel, who's confident it's cheekbones. Trevor then locks cheekbones in with seven seconds to spare...

A: Cheekbones
B: Nostrils
C: Shoulders
D: Hips

...just won $100,000! Now a second shy of the three minute mark when it comes to his current time clock for the million dollar question, here's the question worth a quarter million in Bleeding Love:

According to legend, what historical figure died of a nosebleed on his wedding night?

A: Tutankhamun
B: Attila the Hun
C: Hannibal
D: Montezuma II

If only this question had been about the Leona Lewis song, or he hadn't wasted that Double Dip on the $50,000 question. As a result, he decides to walk away at :11 as this run's first $100,000 winner! The answer was Attila the Hun. He made GSNN correspondent Jason Block proud, because he happens to be in tonight's audience!

Our other Fastest Finger Question is:

Put these celebrity jailbirds in the order in which they served their prison sentences, starting with the earliest.

A: Paris Hilton
B: Khloe Kardashian
C: Martha Stewart
D: Lil' Kim

CORRECT ORDER: C, D, A & B (I had the first two switched around)

Possibly coming back on the next show is the only one who got this right, Angela at 7.99. She's the mother of twin boys. Categories:

Lower Tier: World Figures, Loudmouths, Creature Feature, Working Title & Ocean Liner
Middle Tier: Measure of Money, On a Roll, Proper Pronunciation, Namely Speaking & The Long Walk
Upper Tier: Star Wars, History Books, Desk-In-Chief, Paper Boy & You'll Be Glad

After the first four question, she has 1:15 in her million-dollar bank as she faces this $1,000 question. Category is Ocean Liner:

The Earth's equator passes through all but which of these oceans?

A: Pacific
B: Indian
C: Atlantic
D: Arctic

With just one second left, she Asks the Audience. 86% said Arctic, 8% said Indian and 3% said either Pacific or Atlantic. She...manages to lock in Arctic to secure $1,000 and move her million dollar clock total to 1:16. $2,000 Measure of Money question:

At 1.95 millimeters thick, which of these U.S. coins is the thickest?

A: Penny
B: Nickel
C: Dime
D: Quarter

She Double Dips at :19. Her first guess is Her final answer at :15 is the nickel...right to go to $2,000 and take her million dollar clock to a new total of 1:31. To return the next time, here's her $4,000 On a Roll question:

What "extreme" athlete sparked a minor controversy in 2009 when he skateboarded through the Grand Foyer of the White House?

A: Shaun White
B: Dave Mirra
C: Kelly Slater
D: Tony Hawk

At :16, she locks in my guess of Tony Hawk...she's coming back! Her million dollar clock now stands at 1:47. The next Expert will be CNN's Candy Crowley.

Time now for "The Hills" legend Lauren Conrad to try and win $50,000 for the M. Powerment Fund:

For years, England's Prince William has had a highly public, on-again/off-again relationship with a girl named what?

A: Emma
B: Kate

C: Anne
D: Judith

She's confident about this, but he double-checks by Asking the Audience. 78% said Kate, 11% said Emma, 6% said Judith and 5% said Anne. LC then locks in her gut of Kate...and that's $50,000 for her charity!

Wipeout: This is Episode 207. For this week's Qualifier, we have the Sweeper Run, the Big Balls, the Log Balls w/ the zip line and the Fender Benders. Notable times:

Dan Romero: 5:41.5
Shannan Reeve: 1:39 (one of the best Qualifier times ever!)
Dave Klec: 1:56
Billy Mannering: 1:14.3 (another outstanding Qualifier time!)
Brett Salazar: 2:05.3

Dan fails to qualify. Joining the other four are Jeff Ellingson, Julie Webb, Eva Sadok, Janna Kovensky, Chad Wilson, Monica Beltran, Sarai Koo & Sebastian Vermeul-Taback.

King of the Mountain: This week, the contestants will be throwing dodgeballs at each other while trying to be part of the third round.


1. Billy
2. Brett
3. Shannan
4. Janna
5. Eva
6. Dave

Dizzy Dummy 2.0: The Spinner this time has the bungee web. In the odd heats, the contestants must make it through a small course called B-Walk Dodgeball, while the even heats force contestants to run on a series of blue balls.


1. Dave
2. Billy
3. Shannan
4. Brett

THE WIPEOUT ZONE: This week's course consists of the Aqua Launch, the Raging Rapids w/ the climbing wall, the Crazy Sweeper (which has six blue punching bags on it this week), and finally, to keep up with this episode's "Ball-tastic" theme, some Dodgeball Turntables.

Billy: 7:01.39

Dave: TIME OVER (during the Dodgeball Turntables)

Brett: 4:56.81

Can Shannan somehow pull this one off?...

...nope, she falls short on the turntables also, so Brett is tonight's champ!
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