Sunday, August 16, 2009

"America's Best Dance Crew" 8/16

The first two dance crews that got enough votes from you at home to dance first and will appear on next week's show are...

...We Are Heroes & Rhythm City!

This week, all of the crews will have to perform dance routines that contain elements and songs from Beyonce's performances.

1. We Are Heroes- "Single Ladies"

Shane Sparks said they were still hot. Lil' Mama said they took it to the next level and JC said they successfully covered most of the bases, although they didn't use most of the stage.

2. Rhythm City- "Sweet Dreams"

Lil' Mama said it was OK and clean. JC suggested that they should always learn and respect their history. Shane said it was the most creative piece in a while.

Let's see who are the next two safe crews to perform...

...Massive Monkees and Beat Ya Feet Kings!

3. Massive Monkees- "Work It Out"

JC said some of the dancing was elementary, but still thought they were pretty good overall. Shane said they need to ditch the hula hoops, and Lil' Mama said she had fun watching them.

4. Beat Ya Feet Kings- "Crazy In Love"

Shane said it wasn't his favorite performance and suggested that they be tighter and more creative. JC said they can be loose but not sloppy as well. Lil' Mama said the group's personality was on point all throughout their performance.

The last two crews safe are...

...Southern Movement & Vogue Evolution!

5. Southern Movement- "Jumpin' Jumpin'"

Lil' Mama said they need to continue working on their levels. Shane said they were very good and JC said they were very clean.

6. Toxic Evolution- "Deja Vu"

JC said he was blown away. Lil' Mama said they continue to remain refreshing and Shane was so intrigued about that man who has been dressed as a lady (if you don't know by now, they're a gay dance crew)

SUDDEN DEATH FACE-OFF: Afroborike & Artistry In Motion are in this week's bottom two.

Artistry In Motion- "Diva"
Afroborike- "Beautiful Liar"

The second dance crew eliminated on the season is...

Artistry In Motion

...Artistry In Motion.
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