Sunday, August 09, 2009

"America's Best Dance Crew"- FOURTH SEASON PREMIERE

Here are this season's nine dance crews:

Afroborike (Las Vegas)- Made up of Puerto Ricans & Cubans
Artistry In Motion (North Hollywood, CA)- All-female crew
Beat Ya Feet Kings (Washington, D.C.)- Has a unique dance style called "Beatin' Ya Feet"
Fr3sh (Matawan, NJ)- Has a unique blend of jazz and funk
We Are Heroes (L.A.)- Female group whose members come from New York, Idaho & Japan
Massive Monkees (Seattle)
Rhythm City (Bronx, NY)- Hip-hop dancers
Southern Movement (Nashville)- Hip-hop dancers with country line dancing
Vogue Evolution (NYC)- The show's first-ever openly gay dance crew

This week, each dance crew has to pick a song that best suits their style of dance. Like last season's premiere, after every three dance crews have performed, the judges will decide which two will advance to next week's show.

Heat 1:

Beat Ya Feet Kings- "Skillet" by Backyard Band

Shane Sparks said they got the footwork but he said it was sloppy. Lil' Mama said they were energetic but she also thought it was sloppy. JC Chasez agreed with the other two.

We Are Heroes- "Waters of Nazareth" by Justice

Lil' Mama said they started off slow but got better as time went on; she wanted more confidence from them in the future. JC agreed, but Shane disagreed, saying they did well the whole time.

Afroborike- "Aguanile" by Marc Anthony

JC said there's a lot of depth in this group and he had a lot of fun watching them. Shane said they need to work on their choreography, and Lil' Mama said they should be more together next time.

The first group in the bottom three are...

...Beat Ya Feet Kings.

Heat 2:

Massive Monkees- "Kill Joy" by N.E.R.D.

Everybody thought they nailed it!

Artistry In Motion- "SFM" by Basement Jaxx

Like the Massive Monkees, the judges agreed they were fantastic! JC, however, said they might have fallen apart towards the end.

Southern Movement- "Sideways" by Dierks Bentley

JC said they were animated but suggested they work on their levels; he liked the second half of their performance better than the first half. The other two judges agreed.

This is a tough call, but the second group in tonight's bottom three are...

...Southern Movement.

Heat 3:

Rhythm City: "Life of a Star" by Mims

All three judges really liked it, with JC adding that was the cleanest performance of the night thus far!

Fr3sh: "Ante Up" by M.O.P.

JC said that their props shouldn't own them; otherwise, all three judges liked the performance.

Vogue Evolution: "Took the Night" by Chelley

Lil' Mama said they bring a new element to the show. The other two judges really liked the performance as well.

Fr3sh is the last group in tonight's bottom three.

SUDDEN DEATH FACE OFF: "Boom Boom Pow" by The Black Eyed Peas

The first dance crew eliminated this season are...

Beat Ya Feet Kings
Southern Movement

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