Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"America's Got Talent" 8/11

This week, Nick doesn't do that staircase intro.

1. Fab Five
Dance song: "Fire Burning" by Sean Kingston
Note: This performance was firefighter-themed
Buzzes: NONE

2. Charles DeWayne Dorsey
Song: "Just the Two of Us" by Bill Withers
Buzzes: NONE

3. Carol Loo
Dance song: "Push It" by Salt N' Pepa
Notes: This performance started with Carol coming down in a steel basket; glitter was also thrown on her by a series of girls early on in the performance
Buzzes: Piers

4. Tony Hoard & Rory
Dance song: "Move It Like This" by Baha Men
Note: This performance was beach-themed
Buzzes: Piers

5. Eleisha Miller
Song: "I Got The Music In Me" by Ki Ki Dee
Note: Eleisha started dancing on the piano early on
Buzzes: Piers

6. Paradizo Dance
Dance song: "Halo" by Beyonce
Buzzes: NONE

7. The Texas Tenors
Song: "God Bless the USA" by Lee Greenwood
Buzzes: NONE

8. SQ Entertainment
Dance song: "Beat It Up Like a Drummer" by Mims w/ E. Smith
Note: This performance was crime-themed
Buzzes: NONE

9. Pete Peterkin as "The Rock & Roll President"
Song (while on the piano): "Georgia On My Mind" by Ray Charles
Buzzes: NONE

10. Alizma
Song: "You Make Me Feel (Like a Natural Woman)" by Aretha Franklin

11. Beale St. Flippers
Dance song: "In the Ayer" by Flo Rida
Note: They got out of an old Cadillac at the beginning
Buzzes: Piers (towards the end of the performance)

12. The Voices of Glory
Song: "You'll Never Walk Alone" by Rodgers & Hammerstein (Jerry Lewis has sung this song at the end of every year's MDA Telethon)
Buzzes: NONE

(Note: Eight acts that were cut by the judges during the Vegas Verdicts have been brought back for this round, making the number of acts for the quarterfinals 48. This decision was made by Simon Cowell. The Diva League, Lake Houston Dance, SQ Entertainment and the Beale St. Flippers are half of those acts. The other four yet to perform at this stage are Jay Mattioli, The Lollipop Girls, U4ria Crew & Drew Stevyns.)
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