Saturday, August 29, 2009

Another retro "5th Grader" recap

This time, the "5th Grader" rerun I'm blogging comes from the second season, originally airing on November 15, 2007.

First to play was country and former "American Idol" singer Kellie Pickler! She played for two charities- the American Red Cross and the Grandparents Foundation of the AARP. After Kellie made Sierra her first partner, here were her categories:

1st Grade Spelling
1st Grade Animal Science
2nd Grade Music
2nd Grade Foreign Languages
3rd Grade U.S. History
3rd Grade World Geography
4th Grade Anatomy
4th Grade Astronomy
5th Grade Health
5th Grade Math

Before the game even started, Kellie said to the world that she wasn't smarter than a 5th Grader! That could've been a bad omen for her. Anyway, the first category of her choosing was Animal Science.

T or F: Road runners are birds.

She got on the board by guessing True. Her second category was Foreign Languages.

Bonjour means "good day" in what language?

She locked in French and was correct. Her second partner was Olivia and she chose Spelling to close out 1st Grade.

How many times does the letter E appear in the following word- "watermelon"?

She correctly figured out that there are two E's in that word. After hearing a message from her hometown (including the mayor there), her fourth category was the other 2nd Grade one, Music. This was a Classroom Club Question sent in by Morgan from Heritage School:

The piccolo is a member of what musical family?

A: Woodwind
B: Strings
C: Percussion

She was thinking either strings or percussion. Eventually, she locked in percussion, just because piccolo starts with the letter P...based on my long experience with playing percussion instruments (most notably the bells), I can tell you that is definitely NOT a percussion instrument. And strings wasn't right, either- it was the woodwind family. But Olivia saved her by writing down that answer. Kellie then brought up Nathan and her safe haven category was 3rd Grade World Geography.

Budapest is the capital of what European country?

After Kellie thought that was a stupid question, she thought Europe was a country instead of a continent. Following that, Kellie decided to just copy Nathan's answer, which was Hungary. Kellie would've missed by guessing France. Hungary...was right for $25,000.

Video Bonus: Kellie Pickler's France struggle on "5th Grader"

Kellie's $50,000 category was 3rd Grade U.S. History.

Which of the following people was a U.S. President?

A: Johns Hopkins (misspelled)
B: Franklin Pierce
C: Brigham Young

Because Pierce has quite a few letters in her last name, it starts with P and she has had a few ear piercings in the past, she locked in that...and won $50,000! Her next classmate selection was Mackenzie and she attempted to make it to six figures with 4th Grade Anatomy.

How many canine teeth are in a typical adult human mouth?

She decided not to use her peek and walked away with the 50 grand for her two charities. After originally thinking 2 or 4, she would've guessed 4...and would've been right. Kellie then said the magic words yet again.

A civilian game was then played next with Rob Claussen (who was a tailor). After asking Sierra to join him, the categories for this game were:

1st Grade Animal Science
1st Grade Spelling
2nd Grade World Geography
2nd Grade Ancient Cultures
3rd Grade Math
3rd Grade Social Studies
4th Grade U.S. History
4th Grade Life Science
5th Grade World History
5th Grade Science

His opening category was Spelling.

How many times does the letter E appear in the following word- "mathematics"?

He decided to copy Sierra's answer right away, which was one. Rob would've guessed two instead, so it was a good thing he copied Sierra instead to get on the board. He then chose the other 1st Grade subject, Animal Science.

Which is the largest species of cat?

A: Tiger
B: Puma
C: Jaguar

Rob guessed the tiger...correct. After his second kid partner proved to be Mackenzie, he went for World Geography third.

The Earth's largest rain forest is located on what continent?

He locked in, sir. It was South America, which the entire class got right (including Mackenzie) to save him. His fourth topic was 3rd Grade Math.

T or F: The reciprocal of 5/6 is a whole number.

Rob peeked at Mackenzie's answer, which was True. He agreed with her...FALSE, SO HE BECAME A TOTAL FLUNK OUT. It wasn't meant to be for him.
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