Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Big Brother XI" 8/11

Early on, eviction nominee Russell Kairouz says he has an alliance with Chima Simone, Natalie Martinez & Jessie Godderz.

POWER OF VETO COMPETITION #5: This week's extra three players are Natalie, Jeff Schroeder (by way of Russell picking Houseguest's Choice) and Kevin Campbell (also because of Lydia drawing Houseguest's Choice); the host is Michele Noonan. The six players are dressed as chickens, and have to collect eggs by using their fingers against a fence to move the eggs up into a hole so that they can get to them. After collecting an egg, they must walk over a balance beam shaped like a big piece of bacon and place it on their stand. Any dropped/broken eggs do not count.

The first player to collect and place a dozen eggs on their stand (12) wins the Power of Veto...

...it's Kevin!

And his decision with it is...

...despite the fact he's friends with Lydia Tavera (the other nominee), he doesn't use it.
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