Sunday, August 02, 2009

"Big Brother XI" 8/2

Let's do the remainder of the HoH Competition. The elimination order:

1. Kevin (after 21 minutes)
2. Lydia (after 25 minutes)
3. Ronnie (after 46 minutes)
4. Natalie (after 49 minutes; she felt ill for most of this competition)
5. Jordan (after 1:37)
6. Chima (after 2:22)
7. Michele (after 2:41)

BTW, each of the first five contestants to get eliminated here get to pick a graduation present.

Kevin: #5- $5,000
Lydia: #2- 42" flat-screen TV
Ronnie: #4- DUD
Natalie: #1- DUD
Jordan: The right to be a Have for the week, as well as the right to choose the week's three Have-Nots

The two left are both former members of the Athletes clique- Jeff Schroeder & Russell Kairouz. The winner and new Head of Household, after a final elapsed time of three hours and 38 minutes, is...


Elsewhere, Russell decides to keep his recent evicton vote to Jordan Lloyd a secret. Jordan then decides to write down the names of the remaining houseguests on small pieces of paper and put them in a graduation hat. She then draws these three names to become the week's Have-Nots...Natalie (but she will use her Slop Pass at this point), Kevin & Jessie (who gets POed afterwards). And Kevin & Jessie's special menu this week, as decided by America, will be...squash and squid.


1. Jeff
2. Jessie
3. Jordan
4. Chima
5. Michele
6. Natalie
Final pick: Kevin

Ronnie Talbott & Lydia Tavera are nominated.
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