Monday, August 24, 2009

"Big Brother XI" 8/23

Let’s start with some unfinished business. Late in the competition, each houseguest was given six gold cans. If somebody got one of them into their tubes, they got to close off another’s tubes for a minute.

The winner of the Head of Household Competition is…
…Coup d’Etat user Jeff Schroeder! He won a down-to-the-wire battle between himself and Kevin Campbell. Earlier on, Kevin & Russell Kairouz got into a back-and-forth battle with the gold cans. The two players with the lowest amount of cans in their tubes, however, become the week’s Have-Nots…
…and they are Russell & Michele Noonan. As determined by you folks at home, they get forced to eat churros and chitlins.


1. Russell
2. Michele
Final pick: Jordan

Natalie Martinez gets nominated for the fourth time in a row, and Kevin, Lydia Tavera’s best friend, will be joining him this time.
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