Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Big Brother XI" 8/27

Early on, while Russell Kairouz was working out, he got into a shouting match with Jordan Lloyd.

THE VOTE: Needless to say, Jordan votes for Russell...


...and he gets the other two votes, so he's been knocked out of the game and sent into the jury house. But he does leave with $10,000.

HEAD OF HOUSEHOLD COMPETITION #9: The four eligible houseguests must run to the opposite end of the gameboard to collect a mug before running back to the start to fill it up with hot chocolate before returning to the end of the board to pour their hot chocolate into their bowl. As they continue filling up their bowl, a marshmallow will continue to rise. As time goes on, there will be special surprises. The first player to grab their marshmallow and get it across the finish line becomes the new HoH. We'll find out who wins on Sunday.
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