Monday, August 17, 2009

"Great American Road Trip" 8/17- SEMI-FINALS

King of the Road Challenge: Everybody will be going down a zip line in Boulder City, NV throwing paint-filled balloons at several targets with people's faces on it (including host Reno Collier). The family that hits the most targets automatically advances to next week's championship round. If any member of a clan fails to complete the challenge, that family automatically must compete in this week's End of the Road Challenge (which is the last one of the series).

The winners, with four targets hit, are...

...the DiSalvatores! After their past three consecutive End of the Road Challenge wins, they finally win a KOTR challenge! The other families had two apiece.

FINAL END OF THE ROAD CHALLENGE: At the Soggy Dry Lake Bed in California, both families have to get a red Chevrolet Cobalt with the RadioShack logo on it out of a loaded parking lot. The kids of both families will be contacting their parents via mobile phones, telling them which cars they need to drive out of the way so that they can get the RadioShack car out of there.

The first family to drive their RadioShack car out of their parking lot, and will face the DiSalvatores in next week's finals, are...


...the Cootes!!! That means the Pollards finish in third place.
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