Tuesday, August 11, 2009

"Hell's Kitchen" 8/11

Challenge: Each team must cook an appetizer and two entrees for Marines staff sergeant Otis James' welcome home dinner service party later on. 45 minutes are on the clock.

Robert Hesse & Suzanne Schlicht are this challenge's team captains.

Women: Caesar salad w/ baked prawns
Men: Spicy seafood-style bouillabaisse
WINNERS: Women (1)

Women: Bacon-wrapped Filet Mignons w/ grilled shrimp
Men: Four-cheese macaroni w/ buttermilk-fried catfish

Women: Broiled lobster tail w/ pasta and white wine sauce

Men: Cajun-rubbed NY Strip Steak w/ twice-baked mashed potatoes and a grilled lobster tail

The guys get to serve as fighter pilots for the day, while the ladies have to redecorate the entire dining room.

DINNER SERVICE #5: The Women get off to a slow start thanks to serving at least one cold appetizer, while the Men serve all their appetizers no problem.

Early on in the entree stage, Tek Moore undercooks a steak, then overcooks another one. She later gets scolded in private by Chef Ramsay for not completely hearing a burger order correctly. By the time she finally gets the steaks properly cooked, the lobster tails are now undercooked and the Women STILL haven't sent out a single entree during the later part of the service! That prompts Chef Ramsay to have the Men assist them in serving the entrees. Needless to say, the Men have won by one of the largest margins in "Hell's Kitchen" history.

ELIMINATION: Tek gets nominated for the second time in a row, while this is Tennille Middleton's third nomination in the past four weeks. Tennille, when asked, then says Amanda Davenport should be in her spot instead. As it turns out, Chef Ramsay saves Tennille, thus accepting her request. That means Amanda has been nominated for the second time. When all is said and done...


...Tek is cut, but Amanda came this close to being eliminated instead because of her crying.

(Note: This show has been renewed at least through its eighth season.)
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