Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"Hell's Kitchen" 8/25

Challenge: By all accounts, this one has a Vegas theme. Everybody will roll a 12-sided die with each side having a letter of the alphabet on it. Each chef must then select an ingredient that starts with the letter they roll for their team’s dish. 30 minutes are on the clock, and the winners will get a night on the town in Vegas.

Suzanne: R- Rabbit
Amanda: H- Haricotvert
Tennille: P- Potatoes
Sabrina: G- Garlic
Ariel: H- Ham hock
DISH: Pan-roasted tenderloin w/ leg of rabbit & roasted garlic/rosemary puree and ham hock stock

Andy: H- Haddock & T- Tomatoes (he gets an extra roll because Robert Hesse’s still absent)
Dave: F- Figs
Van: A- Angel hair pasta
Kevin: A- Apples
DISH: Braised haddock over angel hair pasta w/ tomato & fig sauce

The winners of this challenge, and heading off to Vegas for a little while are…
…the Men! The Women, meanwhile, have to take in all of the stuff from the delivery trucks.

DINNER SERVICE #7: Just before this begins, Robert arrives during preparations, making Andy Husbands unhappy. Starting this week, chef tables are being inserted into both teams’ kitchens so that chefs from some of Chef Ramsay’s restaurants can taste some of the food. The guest chefs on the Blue side are pastry chef Carl Bertka and sous chef Harutaka Kishi, while the Red’s guests are head chef Stuart Collins & Chef de Cuisine Josh Emett.

Early on, the Women get off to a slow start while the Men start off strong. Later on, Van Hurd serves TWO fish entrees with wax paper in them; also, the Men forget to serve some of their later food to their guest chefs. Robert then has some lamb & rabbit problems.

The winners of this Dinner Service, as determined by the guest chefs’ comment cards, are…
…the Women!

ELIMINATION: Dave Levey was the Best of the Worst this week, so he gets to nominate Robert & Van. Chef Ramsay then nominates Andy for the third time. Leaving “Hell’s Kitchen” tonight, after a shouting match between Andy & Robert, will be…


Robert. I guess the writing was on the wall for him.
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