Monday, August 17, 2009

"Millionaire" 8/17

Leah Asbury is back with 1:19 on her million dollar question clock and only the Ask the Audience lifeline used up. Tonight's Expert is author Jodi Picoult. We resume with her $4,000 question in the category of In the Future:

In the animated movie "WALL-E", WALL-E is a robot who works as a what?

A: Garbage collector
B: File clerk

C: Security guard
D: Bank teller

She will go to the Expert right away with :13 left. Jodi knows it's garbage collector, which I knew as well (even though I didn't like the movie). Leah then locks that in with seven seconds left to move to $4,000 and take her million dollar clock to a new total of 1:26.

Which of these famous geographical features is an archipelago?

A: Panama Canal
B: Mt. Everest
C: Sahara Desert
D: Hawaiian Islands

GUESS (:22): Hawaiian Islands- CORRECT (1:48)

In a 2009 school newspaper interview, what Bush cabinet member said, "I always assumed I would come back to Stanford"?

A: Tom Ridge
B: Colin Powell
C: Condoleezza Rice
D: John Ashcroft

GUESS (:07): Condoleeza Rice- CORRECT (1:55)

A work titled "Red Vineyard at Arles" is believed to be the only painting sold by what artist during his lifetime?

A: Henri Matisse
B: Marc Chagall
C: Claude Monet
D: Vincent van Gogh

Her gut is van Gogh, but she decides to Phone a Friend at the :13 mark. She has only one person on her phone menu, which is her mom Brenda (Pryor, OK). After Brenda confirms Leah's gut, it's locked in with eight seconds to spare...and she now has $25,000 and a new final clock total of 2:03!

Accepting the Golden Globe in 2009 for Best Actress, who said, "I'm so sorry Anne, Meryl, Kristin...oh, God, who's the other one?"

A: Penelope Cruz
B: Cate Blanchett
C: Kate Winslet
D: Marisa Turner

She decides not to use the Double Dip, because she's very sure it's Winslet at :37...right for $50,000 and a new millon dollar clock total of 2:40! For $100,000 in Superheroes:

Brought back to life in 2009 after being killed in 2007, Steve Rogers is the alter ego of what superhero?

A: The Green Lantern
B: Captain America

C: Silver Surfer
D: Aquaman

This is the wrong kind of question for Leah, so she decides to do what two other players did last night- let the Double Dip go to waste and walk away (in her case, at the :18 mark) with $50,000! The right comic book hero was Captain America. Hope this money helps her a long way in moving back to NYC for good.

Now, for tonight's Fastest Finger panel:

Stephanie Weaver (Houston, TX)
Erwin Escobar (Levittown, NY)
Patrick Marino (Holland, MI)
Jennifer Kiesel (Aurora, CO)
Joyce Sidlosky (Canton, CT)
Greg Linwood (Des Plaines, IL)
Alan Garcia (Brandon, FL)
Lee-Ann Whitlock (Little Rock, AR)
Rosemary McGinnis (Burke, VA)
Matt Schultz (Princeton Junction, NJ)

Here's the night's first Fastest Finger Question:

Put the following men in the order in which they were named "Sexiest Man Alive" by People Magazine, starting with the earliest.

A: Denzel Washington
B: Patrick Swayze
C: Sean Connery
D: Matthew McConaughey


Next to try and possibly win a great deal of money is...

Stephanie: 5.3
Rosemary: 5.33
Lee-Ann: 4.63
Greg: 6.24
Jennifer: 9

...Lee-Ann, a stay-at-home mom. Let's take a look at the 15 categories that stand between her and the first million-dollar payoff on this show in over six years:

Lower Tier: Mall of America, It's Official, On Your Mark, Animation & As Seen On TV
Middle Tier: The Shape of Things, The Namesake, Sad to Say, Bert & Ernie & The Birds
Upper Tier: Decade Doings, Literary Journeys, Fancy Words, Big Country & Public Speaking

Lee-Ann breezes through the first five questions to open her million dollar clock at 1:27.

BTW, in tonight's audience is the second-ever Loser Llama victim on this show, Brian Fodera (in fact, the first two contestants to LLAMA OUT, including Robby Roseman, both missed their $100 question). I wonder if he heard about what happened to Ellen Gaines last night.

A person who is heavier in the hips and thighs than in the torso and shoulders is often said to be what?

A: Pear-shaped
B: Banana-shaped
C: Cataloupe-shaped
D: Strawberry-shaped

GUESS (:23): Pear-shaped- CORRECT (1:50)

Which of these writers was named after the man who penned "The Star-Spangled Banner"?

A: C.S. Lewis
B: E.B. White
C: F. Scott Fitzgerald
D: T.S. Eliot

GUESS (:14): F. Scott Fitzgerald- RIGHT (2:04)

In a phrase credited to Thomas Carlyle, the field of economics is known by what gloomy nickname?

A: The grim philosophy
B: The joyless religion
C: The bleak art
D: The dismal science

GUESS (:19): The dismal science- RIGHT (2:23)

In the "Sesame Street" adaption of "The Gift of the Magi", Ernie trades her cherished rubber duckie to buy Bert a box for his what?

A: Paper clip collection
B: Favorite pair of slippers
C: Toy soldiers
D: Pet mosquito

After the first ten seconds, Lee-Ann goes to the audience for help on this one. 45% said paper clip collection, 29% said the slippers, 21% said the toy soldiers and just 5% said the pet mosquito. She then takes a risk by trusting the audience on the paper clips with seven seconds left...correct for $16,000, taking her million dollar clock to two and a half minutes.

What group of birds is called a "venue" when the group walks on the ground and a "kettle" when the group circles in the air?

A: Pigeons
B: Owls

C: Vultures
D: Blue jays

She will Ask the Expert with :17 to go. Jodi thinks she can rule out owls and vultures, but doesn't know why the answer of pigeons is jumping at her. Six seconds later, Lee-Ann Double Dips. She locks in pigeons first...Jodi's incorrect. Lee-Ann then makes blue jays her final answer with three seconds left...owls is wrong, but vultures is right. That means Lee-Ann leaves with $1,000.

Next Fastest Finger Question looks like this:

Put these notable reality TV families in order by the number of children in each family, starting with the fewest.

A: The Gottis
B: The Hogans

C: The Duggars
D: The Gosselins


Possibly coming back on Tuesday's show is...

Patrick: 8.66
Joyce: 7.67
Greg: 9.04
Jennifer: 7.39

...Jennifer, who is a police dispatcher. She is also the fifth straight female to make it to the hot seat. Let's see the new batch of categories:

Lower Tier: Moving Out, Touch My Country, P.U., Fun with Homonyms & Literary Language
Middle Tier: Familiar Foods, Famous Names, Sweeteners, Heads Up! & Pen Pals
Upper Tier: Speed, Famous Firsts, Are You Scared?, Beautiful Couples & Bottoms Up!

Following the lower tier questions, Jennifer's million dollar clock is at 1:28.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture requires labels with the term "yam" to be accompanied by what other food name?

A: Radish
B: Sweet potato

C: Bell pepper
D: Beet

GUESS (:23): Sweet potato- CORRECT (1:51)

Nineteenth-century Russian businessman Pyotr Smirnov is the subject of a 2009 biography titled "The King of" what?

A: Ballet
B: Chemistry
C: Rifles
D: Vodka

GUESS (:24): Vodka- CORRECT (2:15)

She must answer this next question correctly to return. Here it is, for $8,000, all about Sweeteners:

A popular alternative to Equal or Sweet'N Low, Splenda is a sugar substitute that comes in what color packets?

A: Yellow
B: Pink

C: Blue
D: Green

With eight seconds left, she Asks the Audience. 86% said yellow, 8% said pink, 5% said blue and the other 1% said green. She then puts in yellow two seconds later...she will return tomorrow with 2:20 on her million dollar clock.

Patricia Heaton now gets her chance to enter the hot seat. Like Rachael Ray last night, she's playing for two different charities- the Westside Pregnancy Clinic & Lighthouse Medical Missions. Her $50,000 question:

If a euro is worth $1.50, five euros is worth what?

A: 30 quarters
B: 50 dimes

C: 70 nickels
D: 90 pennies

This should be as easy as it gets, as Patricia was asking for a really easy question while she was talking to Regis. Problem is, she says she's horrible at Math. Therefore, she decides to call her husband David Hunt...but he doesn't help her out in time. Does she somehow lock in 30 quarters for $50,000 to split between her two charities...yes, but only after Regis SEVERELY helps her out! Geez- if I were the host, I would never intentionally try to help any contestant, whether they're a celebrity or not. Not sure what Meredith Viera or Chris Tarrant are thinking right now.

Video Bonus: Patricia Heaton's Math nightmare!
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