Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"Millionaire" 8/18

Jennifer Kiesel is back with 2:20 on her million dollar time clock and all the lifelines except Ask the Audience remaining. Tonight's Expert is journalist/author Gwen Ifill. Her gameplay resumes with this $16,000 question in the category of Head's Up!:

What '80s hair-metal star made "headlines" when he was knocked down by a piece of scenery while performing at the 2009 Tony Awards?

A: Axl Rose
B: Dee Snider

C: Vince Neil
D: Bret Michaels

GUESS (:20): Bret Michaels- CORRECT (2:40)

$25,000 question in Pen Pals:

When Richard Nixon wrote his famous letter, "I hereby resign the Office of President of the United States", he addressed it to whom?

A: Henry Kissinger
B: Gerald Ford

C: Tip O'Neill
D: Alexander Haig

Jennifer decides to let Gwen try to help her out on this question after the first nine seconds are gone. She thinks it's O'Neill by her process of elimination. Jennifer locks that in with :18 left...NO. It was Kissinger, so she is sent packing with $1,000.

With first $250,000 winner Doug Van Gundy in the audience tonight, here is the new batch of 10 contestants:

Kristin Leum (Tampa, FL)
Randy Miller (Bear, DE)
Mia Poole (Brooklyn, NY)
Christine Horowitz (Staten Island, NY)
Don Wisenor (Trotwood, OH)
Bob Finnegan (Milford, CT)
Donna Bittmann (Pittston Township, PA)
Brett Schulenberg (Flower Mound, TX)
Nik Bonaddio (NYC)
Leslie Salyer (Louisville, KY)

Tonight's first Fastest Finger Question:

Put these vampire-themed books by Stephenie Meyer in the order they were published, starting with the earliest.

A: "New Moon"
B: "Twilight"
C: "Breaking Dawn"
D: "Eclipse"


Our first new hotseat player tonight is...

Kristin: 7.88
Nik: 7.24
Leslie: 8.59

...Nik, ending the female contestant streak; he also does a victory dance! Prior to making it to the studio, he didn't sleep for about 48 hours because he was too nervous. BTW, Nik's a lead designer for a popular dating website. Let's see his Millionaire Menu:

Lower Tier: Rating System, Ask Your Doctor, Count On It, Smells Delicious & It's a Draw!
Middle Tier: Mr. Yankovic, Googly Eyes, I Love U, On the Record & Ready To Rumble

Upper Tier: $ports $tars, Great Idea!, The Two Davids, Goodnight Moon & Travels with George

1:23 is on his million dollar clock after the first five questions.

Because he's a vegetarian, who once refused Weird Al's request to record a parody of "Live and Let Die" called "Chicken Pot Pie"?

A: Eric Clapton
B: Paul McCartney
C: Mick Jagger
D: Rod Stewart

GUESS (:26; he answers before Regis even read the choices!): Paul McCartney- CORRECT (1:49)

In a recent ad campaign, a stack of money with googly eyes pops up in odd places, representing "the money you could be saving with" what?

A: Geico
B: Aflac

C: Esurance
D: Allstate

GUESS (:20): Geico- YOU BET (2:09)

What pronunciation mark is depicted above the "u" in the title of the 2009 comedy "Bruno"?

A: Tilde
B: Circumflex
C: Umlaut
D: Cedilla

GUESS (:21): Umlaut- RIGHT (2:30)

Published continuously since 1942, the newspaper for U.S. soldiers and servicemen overseas has what patriotic name?

A: The Eagle
B: Daily Constitution
C: The Liberty Bell
D: Stars and Stripes

Ten seconds into the question, Nik will Ask the Audience. 80% said Stars and Stripes, 8% said The Eagle, 7% said my gut of Daily Constitution and 5% said The Liberty Bell. Nik agrees with the audience on Stars and Stripes at the :12 mark...good enough for $16,000, taking his million dollar clock to 2:42. The next two questions have a good chance of both being sports-related. Here's the Ready to Rumble question worth $25,000:

In the acclaimed 2008 movie "The Wrestler", Mickey Rourke plays an aging pro wrestler who goes by what nickname in the ring?

A: Havoc
B: The Ram
C: The Truth
D: Inferno

With just seven seconds left, he decides to call either Matt (NYC) or David (Pittsburgh); his selection is Matt. Matt agrees with me it's The Ram...and so does Nik with five seconds to spare for $25,000! With a new million dollar clock total of 2:47, here's his $50,000 question in $ports $tars:

Tied for 2nd place with Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant on a 2009 Forbes list of highest paid athletes, Kimi Raikkonen is what?

A: Race car driver
B: Boxer

C: Soccer player
D: Golfer

I thought Raikkonen was a soccer player, but Nik instead locks in race car driver with :31 left...he's right for $50,000! 3:18 now on his million dollar clock as he now faces this $100,000 question on a Great Idea!:

What famous work originated the popular quote "The first thing we do, let's kill all the lawyers"?

A: Dickens' "Oliver Twist"
B: Joyce's "Ulysses"
C: Melville's "Billy Budd"
D: Shakespeare's "Henry VI, Part II"

At the :34 point, Nik will Ask the Expert. Gwen's fairly sure it's "Henry VI, Part II". A second later...Nik Double Dips. He first selects "Henry VI, Part II"...Gwen has redeemed herself, meaning Nik now has $100,000! $250,000 question in The Two Davids looks quite like this:

The name of Barack Obama's senior adviser, David Axelrod, is also the name of the love interest in what '80s romance film?

A: "Some Kind of Wonderful"
B: "Say Anything..."
C: "Endless Love"
D: "An Officer and a Gentleman"

Nik thinks he can rule out "Say Anything..." and "Some Kind of Wonderful", but he decides that's not enough for him to play this question. Therefore, he throws in the towel at the nine-second mark for $100,000! The answer was one of the two movie titles he didn't eliminate- "Endless Love".

Here's the new Fastest Finger Question:

Put these words in the order in which they appear in the Pledge of Allegiance, starting at the beginning.

A: America
B: Flag
C: Nation
D: Republic

CORRECT ORDER: B, A, D & C (this is the third time in a row the correct answer order for the Fastest Finger Question has been this way)

Hoping to also win $100,000, and possibly even more, is...

Kristin: 7.35
Mia: 6.44
Donna: 13.51
Leslie: 4.26
Christine: 11.07

...Leslie, a homemaker and trivia buff. Let's see her array of categories:

Lower Tier: Mythical Beasts, Women's Wear, For Eternity, I Brake For Whales & So Proud of You
Middle Tier: Reality TV, FYI, Yo, North Korea!, Under the Sea & Novel Idea
Upper Tier: The Bad News Bears, Looking Good, Bad Behavior, In the Kitchen & The Cruelest Cut

She gets through the first five questions with little trouble to have 1:28 on her million dollar clock to start.

(Note: Because of time constraints, her category tree wasn't shown before the start of the game. Thus, I'm not criticizing director Matt Cohen for that this time.)

In 2009, a judge ruled that what notorious "naked guy" could not take part in a "Survivor" reunion because he is under house arrest?

A: Rudy Boesch
B: Johnny Fairplay

C: Colby Donaldson
D: Richard Hatch

GUESS (:17): Richard Hatch- CORRECT (1:45)

"Egad!" is an old-fashioned term whose meaning is the equivalent of what modern expression used in text messaging?



She Asks the Audience with :14 left, and 98% say OMG, with the other 2% saying either LMK or FWIW. OMG is then locked in with 10 seconds left to make her new final clock total 1:55. To return tomorrow, here's the $8,000 question in Yo, North Korea!:

In a 2009 CBS News story, the son of North Korea's infamous leader was jokingly referred to by what rapper's name?

A: Lil' Kim
B: Foxy Brown
C: Jay-Z

D: Dr. Dre

GUESS (:23): Lil' Kim- CORRECT (2:18)

That means Leslie gets to return at the top of tomorrow's show. And the Expert for that show will be Ken Jennings!

Now, Wynonna gets a chance to donate $50,000 to her charity, Backpack Mission Ministries, but only if she can answer this:

If you have four shirts and three pairs of pants, how many different combinations of one shirt and one pair of pants are possible?

A: 7
B: 9

C: 12
D: 16

Can you believe this- another celebrity has to answer a Math question! I wonder how Patricia Heaton would've fared with this one. After some thought, she calls her aunt Margaret (Yardley, PA), who just barely gets a guess of 12 in. That was what I thought, and Wynonna decides to make that her final answer...the celebrities remain undefeated on this run so far!
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