Thursday, August 20, 2009

"Millionaire" 8/20

This is the next-to-last night of the 10th Anniversary "Millionaire" run in primetime. Returning to the hotseat is Chris Maslowski, who is a big Bruce Springsteen fan. His million dollar question clock currently stands at 1:23. Remember, the Expert tonight is Mo Rocca.

What does the "G" stand for in the often-cited economic figure GDP?

A: Grand
B: Government
C: Geographic
D: Gross

GUESS (:24): Gross- CORRECT (1:47)

To prevent the browning of cut fruits and veggies, cooks often put them in water that has been mixed with what?

A: Coconut milk
B: Lemon juice
C: Olive oil

D: Soy sauce

GUESS (:16): Lemon juice- CORRECT (2:03)

After a hotly contested election result, former "SNL" cast member Al Franken was named a U.S. Senator for what state in 2009?

A: Minnesota
B: Vermont
C: New Hampshire
D: Iowa

GUESS (:24): Minnesota- RIGHT (2:27)

The stage directions "Takes the skull" and "Puts down the skull" appear in a famous scene from what Shakespeare play?

A: "Hamlet"
B: "King Lear"
C: "Richard III"
D: "Romeo and Juliet"

With :11 on the clock, Chris will Ask the Expert. Mo's very sure it's "Hamlet". Four seconds later, Chris locks that play in...and now has $16,000 and a new million dollar clock total of 2:34! For $25,000 in Away We Go!:

In Pixar's 2009 movie "Up", a cantankerous old man fulfills his lifelong dream by flying his house to what fictional destination?

A: Narwhal Island
B: Beluga Bay
C: Paradise Falls

D: Lake Divine

GUESS (:21): Paradise Falls- REACHES $25,000 (2:55)

The $50,000 question in Grueling Races is this:

What annual sporting event concludes when a kerosene lantern known as the "Widow's Lamp" is extinguished?

A: Iditarod Sled Dog Race
B: America's Cup
C: Ironman Triathon
D: Tour de France

At :26, he makes the ill-advised move of using the Double Dip instead of using another lifeline first. The first choice he locks in is my gut of the Iditarod...he has $50,000! His million dollar clock now stands at 3:21. Now, for the $100,000 question in Fathers & Sons:

Bernie Madoff's two sons are named what?

A: Mark & Andrew
B: Peter & Benjamin

C: David & Gregory
D: Daniel & Jonathan

10 seconds into this question, he Asks the Audience. 32% said Mark & Andrew, 29% said Peter & Benjamin, 20% said Daniel & Jonathan and 19% said David & Gregory. Not surprising results, as the audiences usually don't do very well on the upper tier questions. He then Phones a Friend with :18 left. Available on the line are Paul (Hamden, CT), Bill (Milford, CT) and Melissa (Milford, CT). He decides on Bill...he's not too sure it's Mark & Andrew. Chris decides to go for it and make Mark & Andrew his final answer with five seconds remaining...

A: Mark & Andrew
B: Peter & Benjamin
C: David & Gregory
D: Daniel & Jonathan

...everyone's right for $100,000! With 3:26 on his million dollar clock now, here is the How's That? question worth a quarter million dollars:

A "howdah" is used for which of these purposes?

A: Charming a snake
B: Sitting on an elephant
C: Blindfolding a hawk
D: Taming a lion

At the :11 mark...he's walking away as the third $100,000 winner of this 10th Anniversary run! Correct: Sitting on an elephant.

Now, for tonight's 10 new contestants:

Alyssa Goncalves (San Diego)
Jim Robinson (Columbus, MS)
Ken Graham (Encino, CA)
Paula Hall (West Bloomfield, MI)
Jacqueline Adamson (Lanham, MD)
Joe Romano (San Diego, CA)
Nathan Farrington (Dublin, OH)
Connie Ford (Hanover Park, IL)
Liz Schuller (Portsmouth, VA)
Thom Bonafede (Fonda, NY)

Here's the first Fastest Finger Question of the evening:

Put these lyrics from a famous nursery rhyme in the order they are sung, starting with the earliest.

A: Ashes, ashes
B: A pocket full of posies
C: We all fall down
D: Ring around the rosie

(Note: Just before Chris' $250K question, Regis said he wasn't guaranteeing it would be about a nursery rhyme!)


Our next million-dollar hopeful is...

Ken: 8.02
Nathan: 10.49
Liz: 5.04
Thom: 7.18
Connie: 9.56
Paula: 11.78
Jim: 7.35

...Liz, who is an elementary music teacher and a fan of nursery rhymes. Liz, please don't repeat the same fate of the last Virginia contestant to get into the hotseat. Categories, please:

Lower Tier: In the Beginning, Order Up, Something's Missing, Happy Easter! & Rated PG-13
Middle Tier: All Aboard!, Colorful Foods, Sesame Street, Great Location & Dangerous Drugs
Upper Tier: No More Drama, Decades Ago, Elections, Topsy Turvy & Opening Act

The first book of the Bible, Genesis opens with the line "In the beginning God created the heaven and the" what?

A: Earth
B: Neptune
C: Jupiter

D: iPhone

GUESS (:09): Earth- CORRECT (:54)

A waiter who asks, "Straight up, or on the rocks?" is inquiring if you want what?

A: Ketchup w/ your fries
B: Milk in your coffee
C: Dressing on your salad
D: Ice in your cocktail

GUESS (:07): Ice in your cocktail- CORRECT (1:01)

Which of these vehicles often lacks handlebars?

A: Unicycle
B: Bicycle
C: Tricycle
D: Motorcycle

GUESS (:08): Unicycle- CORRECT (1:09)

Every Easter season, the PAAS Dye Company sells more than 10 million color kits for decorating what?

A: Cakes
B: Eggs
C: Quilts
D: Posters

GUESS (:11): Eggs- YOU BET (1:20)

Which of these 2009 movies was rated PG-13 for "intense sequences of sci-fi violence"?

A: "Bruno"
B: "He's Just Not That Into You"
C: "Terminator Salvation"
D: "17 Again"

GUESS (:05): "Terminator Salvation"- REACHES $1,000 (1:25)

Southwest Chief, an Amtrak train route, includes a stop in which of these U.S. cities?

A: Philadelphia
B: Albuquerque

C: Savannah
D: Seattle

GUESS (:21): Albuquerque- CORRECT (1:46)

Aubergine, the British term for an eggplant, is also the name of a shade of what color?

A: Yellowish green
B: Sky blue
C: Bright orange

D: Dark purple

GUESS (:23): Dark purple- RIGHT (2:09)

Though not as popular as Tickle Me Elmo, what Sesame Street character's Tickle Me doll laughs and says "That good one!"?

A: Big Bird
B: Ernie
C: Cookie Monster
D: The Count

She decides to Ask the Audience with :13 to spare. 83% said Cookie Monster, 7% apiece said either Ernie or The Count and 3% said Big Bird. She then locks in Cookie Monster at the 10-second mark...she now has $8,000 and a new million dollar clock total of 2:19. For $16,000 in the category of Great Location:

Fittingly, "The Jules Verne" is the name of a restaurant located on the second floor of what world landmark?

A: Leaning Tower of Pisa
B: Eiffel Tower
C: Taj Mahal
D: The Kremlin

She decides to give Mo this question with :11 left. He wants to say the Eiffel Tower, but he fears it might be a trick because "The Jules Verne" is French. Liz locks the Eiffel Tower in with six seconds trick this time- that's right for $16,000 and a new million dollar clock total of 2:25! To make it to $25,000, here's the question in Dangerous Drugs:

In 2009, the FDA warned consumers to stop using certain Zicam cold remedy products, saying that they could cause loss of what sense?

A: Smell
B: Hearing

C: Touch
D: Sight

She decides to Double Dip with :13 still on the clock. Her first final answer is smell...she wasted a lifeline here, but she now has $25,000! 2:38 now on her clock for the million dollar question as she now faces this $50,000 query in No More Drama:

Getting its start as an NBC radio program in 1937, what soap opera will end in 2009 after nearly 16,000 episodes in 72 years?

A: "One Life to Live"
B: "All My Children"

C: "Guiding Light"
D: "As the World Turns"

After 15 seconds, she will Phone a Friend. It could be either Katie (Logan, UT), Dan (Omaha, NE) or Tim (Boston). She decides to have Dan called up...and he knows like I do it's "Guiding Light"! A second later, Liz makes that her final answer for $50,000! As we all know, it's being replaced in the 3 PM timeslot on CBS by a revival of "Let's Make a Deal" with Wayne Brady hosting. With 3:07 now on her million dollar clock, here's the 100 grand question in Decades Ago:

Which one of these events happened in the '80s and not the '70s?

A: Shah of Iran overthrown
B: "Grease" tops the box office
C: Three Mile Island melts down
D: Sally Ride goes to space

At :18, Liz goes home with $50,000! Good job, my dear! The correct answer was Sally Ride going to space, which happened in 1983.

We've still got time for another Fastest Finger Question, and here it is:

Put these cities in which they first hosted the Winter Olympic Games, starting with the earliest.

A: Lillehammer
B: Innsbruck
C: Nagano
D: Sarajevo


Likely coming back on the finale is...

Nathan: 10.17
Thom: 10.01
Jim: 8.4

...Jim, who's wearing a vest with money on it! Let's see if that will mean something as we head into his $100 question:

In a cliched scene from many Westerns, gunslingers meet for a final showdown when?

A: Early morning
B: High noon
C: Late evening
D: Right after "Ugly Betty"

GUESS (:07): High noon- CORRECT (:52)

"One-car", "two-car" and "three-car" are adjectives commonly used to describe a what?

A: Bathroom
B: Garage
C: Gazebo
D: Basement

GUESS (:10): Garage- CORRECT (1:02)

In the U.S., Groundhog Day playfully celebrates the transition between what two seasons?

A: Winter and Spring
B: Spring and Summer
C: Summer and Fall
D: Fall and Winter

GUESS (:08): Winter and Spring- CORRECT (1:10)

The 2009 Harley-Davidson Barbie is a Barbie doll that comes with what accessory?

A: Surfboard
B: Briefcase
C: Pom-pom
D: Helmet

GUESS (:07): Helmet- YOU BET (1:17)

On a computer keyboard, the CTRL key stands for what?

A: Cathedral
B: Cultural
C: Control
D: Collateral

GUESS (:10): Control- REACHES $1,000 (1:27)

Which of the following are different shades of the same basic color?

A: Aqua and bronze
B: Beige and tan
C: Indigo and gold
D: Ivory and lavender

GUESS (:21): Beige and tan- CORRECT (1:48)

In the 2008 animated movie "Bolt", what is Bolt?

A: Dog
B: Parrot
C: Squirrel
D: Penguin

With :22 left, he'll Ask the Audience. 89% said dog, 7% said penguin and the other 4% said either parrot or squirrel. Dog was his gut feeling, so he makes that his final answer two seconds later for $4,000 and a new million dollar clock total of 2:08.

What world city did Mother Teresa mention eight times in her acceptance speech for the 1979 Nobel Peace Prize?

A: Bangkok
B: Johannesburg

C: Calcutta
D: Bogota

GUESS (:18): Calcutta- RIGHT (2:26)

He must answer this $16,000 question correctly to return Sunday night:

Why do old newspapers turn yellow?

A: Because of reduction
B: Because of oxidation
C: Because of sublimation
D: Because of condensation

His final answer at :16 is because of oxidation...yes indeed! That means he'll get to lead off this Sunday's finale with 2:42 on his million dollar clock. The Expert then will be the first one since this new format was instituted last season- Bill Nye the Science Guy!

But right now, NBA player Steve Nash gets a shot at $50,000 for The Steve Nash Foundation. The question:

Which of these combinations of road races would require a participant to run the farthest?

A: 20 5K races
B: 15 10K races
C: 10 half-marathons
D: Four marathons

Steve decides to give Mo his final question of this evening. After talking it out, he believes it's 10 half-marathons. That's Steve's final answer as well...he wins the cash for his own charity! And Regis ends this episode by putting on a replica of Steve's jersey backwards!
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