Tuesday, August 04, 2009

"The Superstars"- FINALE

After the first two events, the team with the most points automatically goes to the final Obstacle Course match, where they will then face the winners of the third and final Main Event.

Main Event #1: Each team will be paddling in a tandem kayak around a three-kayak course. Once a team catches up to another, the team who gets caught is eliminated.

The winners of the night's first 100 points are...

...Kristi Lekinen & Maksim Chermovskiy! Bode Miller & Paige Hemmis decide to settle for 80 points in order to save their energy for the next event, while Lisa Leslie & David Charvet get the 70.

Main Event #2: The three teams now engage in a Tug-o-War against some buoys from the lagoon. The first buoy weighs 150 pounds, with each successive buoy being 50 pounds heavier than the last. The first team to pull their three buoys to shore wins 100 points.

If Kristi & Maks win this event, they're headed to the final Obstacle Course...

...instead, Bode & Paige win, tying them up with Kristi & Maks at 180, and because the rules state that the winners of the second event advance in the event of a tie, Bode & Paige are headed to the Obstacle Course! Lisa & David quit in the middle of this event in order to save their strength for the final event.

Last Main Event: This will be a Triathlon. One member of each team begins at the Royal Towers' arch and run through the lagoon before reaching the bridge. Then, his/her teammate must jump off the bridge and then swim to shore before navigating a beach rally. In the final part, both members of each team have to grab a paddleboard and get across the lagoon on it to the finish line.

Both ladies will do the first part.

Joining Bode & Paige in the deciding Obstacle Course round are...

Kristi & Maks
Lisa & David

...Kristi & Maks!

OBSTACLE COURSE FINAL: The team striking first blood turns out to be...

...Kristi & Maks! The second round...


(That was one very small trophy they got at the end, though.)
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