Sunday, August 16, 2009

"There Goes the Neighborhood" 8/16

Home Challenge: The family that wins this challenge gets an advantage in the next Neighborhood Challenge. Each family is given a big jar of jellybeans and five minutes to write down how many jellybeans are in their jar. The family with the closest guess wins.

Upshaw: 3,573
Southey: 4,001
Schindler: 5,123
Nelson: 8,050
Mullennix: 12,500
Johnston: 12,586
Bussiere: 27,000

Answer: 6,318, so the Schindlers win!

Neighborhood Challenge #2: In "Nosey Neighbor", each family is assigned another family's home and two members of each family have to search through the given house. To begin, when they reach the house's porch, they will find a basket containing a walkie-talkie and a scrapbook that has pictures of five objects in it. While the Schindlers only have to find four of their five objects inside their assigned house, the other families have to find all five. The first family to find their objects and contact Matt Rogers via their walkie-talkie wins. Here are the house assignments:

Nelson: Schindler
Schindler: Bussiere
Bussiere: Nelson
Johnston: Mullennix
Mullennix: Southey
Southey: Upshaw
Upshaw: Johnston

The winners are...

...boy, did they need to win this one- the Mullennixes! They also get a new kitchen installed into their house.

ELIMINATION #2: The Southeys & Schindlers get nominated for elimination. By a unanimous vote...


...the Southeys have been evicted from this game.
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