Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"Top Chef" 8/26

This week's guest judge is chef/entrepreneur Todd English.

Quickfire #2: Each chef will roll a pair of dice to determine how many ingredients s/he must use in their dish. 30 minutes are on the clock. Salt, pepper & oil are freebie ingredients. The winner wins BOTH immunity and $15,000.

Laurine (3): Asparagus & leek soup w/ lemon
Jennifer Carroll (9): Salmon w/ lemon, garlic, shallot, parsley & jalapeno emulsion
Mattin (4): Carrot soup w/ ginger
Eve (8): Grilled asparagus soup w/ raisins, pine nuts & blue cheese
Michael Voltaggio (8): Nitro gazpacho, compressed cucumbers & toast
Kevin (10): Asparagus & celery salad w/ fennel cream & boiled egg
Ashley (8): Grilled lamb w/ apricot mostarda
Bryan (10): Poached black cod w/ carrot, ginger puree & Daikon radish sprout
Jesse (9): Scallops w/ chimichurri & smashed garbanzo beans w/ toasted garlic

The top three out of those revealed are Michael Voltaggio, Jennifer Carroll & Kevin Gillespie...

...and Michael Voltaggio gets the money and the immunity this time!

ELIMINATION CHALLENGE #2: This will be a battle of the sexes catering for a bachelor/bachelorette party. The men will cater for the bachelorette (Karen), while the women will cater for the bachelor (Greg).

This week's Whole Foods Market shopping budget is $800 within a half hour.

Robin: Duck mole w/ cocoa nibs & apricot
Laurine: Moroccan lamb chop w/ pomegranate pine nut relish
Eve: Shrimp & avocado ceviche w/ smokey tomato salsa & popcorn
Jennifer Carroll: Octopus ceviche w/ citrus vinaigrette
A: Watermelon carpaccio w/ ricotta salata & aged balsamic
B: Bay leaf panna cotta w/ cranberry powder & honey
Preeti: Coriander & sesame-crusted tuna w/ spicy eggplant & wonton crisp
Jesse: Thai chicken lettuce cup w/ Shiitake mushrooms, Shiso & ginger beer

Michael V.: Apple sorbet & goat cheese cookie
Kevin: Chilled almond soup w/ king crab, cucumber & white grape
Michael Isabella: Arctic char w/ smokey caper sauce & Cara Cara orange
Bryan: Sweet & soup macaroon filled w/ guacamole, corn nuts & corn puree
Ron: Lobster cocktail w/ habanero tomato sauce
Hector: Tofu, lemon-lime, tequila ceviche & Guajillo-Achiote tortilla
Eli: Thai tuna tartare w/ puffed wild rice
Mattin: Bouillabaisse w/ aioli crouton & petit basque croquette
Ash: Asian chicken wing w/ pickled pearl onions

The winners are...

...the Men! Bryan, the other Voltaggio, gets the individual victory here this week.

In the bottom four this week are Ashley Merriman, Jesse Sandlin, Preeti Mistry & Eve Aronoff. This is the second time in a row Jesse & Eve are in danger of being eliminated. I will tell you right now that the one having to pack up their stuff is one of those two...

Eve's Eve.
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